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Mary Greene Mazur Announces the Launch of One-on-One Mentorships at Ignite and Heal Your Life

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Mary Greene Mazur, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, announced the launch of the One-on-One Mentorship Program. What are the benefits of this initiative, and how will it impact the industry?

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Mary Greene Mazur, Executive Director of Ignite and Heal Ministries SSM, recently announced an expansion of her services by introducing one-on-one mentorships. By utilizing PSYCH-K® in her sessions, Mary has been assisting people in unleashing positive energy and connecting with their spiritual side for over 15 years. By implementing the “whatever happens to you, happens for you” philosophy, she’s helping people find peace and clarity. Her services are designed to guide those dealing with hurtful life-changing events, teaching them a healthy way to respond to hardships.

According to Mary, “People need to realize divinity comes from within, and not from external means such as religion. Separating humans from spirituality clouded people’s perception.” By offering wounded individuals her gift of PSYCH-K®, Mary guides them through restoring that divinity part that’s been removed by science and systems for years. Mary emphasizes that the method she uses is straightforward, quick, and long-lasting, making real changes through connecting the mind, the body, and the spirit.

The one-on-one mentorships at Ignite and Heal Your Life are available online and in person, accommodating people abroad, and those uncomfortable opening up in a group setting. Mary recommends a series of three sessions for two reasons; the first is, that there is power within the Trinity, and the second is, that three sessions give Mary and the people she supports enough time to connect with deep layers of consciousness.

The first step of private mentorships is Mary’s scholars seeking permission from their higher selves. Once they’ve decided they’re ready for a change, Mary asks them to check in with themselves and share their current mental and physical state. Mary emphasizes how different this is from traditional therapy. By guiding people to get right into their needs and fears, she utilizes PSYCH-K® in the most efficient and long-lasting way.

After talking about the present, Mary encourages people to talk about their dreams and wishes, moving into solutions. Then she helps put those desires into the present tense because that’s where the subconscious mind operates. “Our conscious mind looks at the past and goes to the future. But we, humans, are meant to be in the present. By helping people tap into future timelines, PSYCH-K® inspires them to create positive vibrations, changing the world within them and around them,” explains Mary.

The main thing attendees can expect is changing their minds from survival mode to living joyfully in the moment. The one-on-one sessions provide people with an opportunity to learn how to connect with their Interconnected Consciousness, enabling them to become spiritual guides themselves. Not all people wish to reach a level of such consciousness and choose to remain connected just to the human side. Mary provides a sacred space, where each individual, no matter how aware they want to become, can improve their lives through PSYCH-K®.

Mary Greene Mazur has been a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor since 2017 and has devoted her life to spreading awareness and helping others achieve freedom. Only 35 Certified Instructors are offering PSYCH-K® services worldwide, and Mary is planning on making her guidance accessible to a wider audience. The introduction of one-on-one mentorship is a response to the entire world opening up for holistic solutions, poised to make a tangible change in humanity.

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