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Chicago Physical Therapy Center In Motion Physical Therapy Expands Sports Services

Last updated Friday, April 19, 2024 16:41 ET

The leading sports physical therapy clinic provides advanced sports physical therapy for athletes.

Chicago, United States, 04/19/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

In Motion Physical Therapy, a leading provider of comprehensive physical therapy services in Chicago, is excited to announce the expansion of its sports therapy services. Known for its personalized care and advanced treatment options, it is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels enhance their performance, recover from injuries, and prevent future physical setbacks.

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines.
In Motion Physical Therapy

With a team led by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, a renowned doctor of physical therapy, In Motion offers a wide range of services, including manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and cutting-edge taping techniques conducted by a certified physical therapist. The expansion will introduce new, innovative treatments specifically designed for athletes, focusing on recovery, performance enhancement, and injury prevention.

In Motion Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to holistic physical therapy that emphasizes patient education, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and functional training. Its treatments cater to a wide range of conditions affecting the upper body, lower body, spine, and whole body, such as tendonitis, sprains, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and fibromyalgia, among others. This method improves strength, mobility, and quality of life without injections, medication, or surgery. It is an ideal first-line treatment for those looking to quickly return to their activities.

In Motion Physical Therapy stands out as a leader among Chicago’s physical therapy clinics due to its specialized focus on sports injuries, offering dedicated rehabilitation services tailored for athletes and active individuals. The clinic provides comprehensive evaluation and diverse treatment options for orthopedic and sports-related injuries, ensuring each patient receives personalized care.

Patients benefiting from In Motion Physical Therapy’s services experience faster recovery times, improved performance, and a reduced risk of future injuries. Its holistic approach to treatment ensures that each athlete receives tailored care that addresses their unique needs and goals. Its approach is patient-first, evidence-aligned, and inclusive, firmly rooted in community values. It comprises doctors, educators, and athletes dedicated to helping individuals lead movement-filled lives. Its commitment to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion is also a cornerstone of its philosophy, ensuring services are available to everyone, including those using assistive technologies.

Conveniently located in Lincoln Park, a central and accessible area of Chicago, In Motion makes its services available to a wide demographic. Additionally, the clinic demonstrates a solid commitment to community involvement by sponsoring local events like the Chicago Half Marathon and 10K race, promoting health and wellness beyond the clinical setting.

For more information about In Motion Physical Therapy and its expanded Sports Physical Therapy Services, visit https://inmotionptchi.com/.

About In Motion Physical Therapy

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines. Athletes looking to return to their favorite sports, teens, and adults seeking to lose weight, busy parents looking to improve their body mobility to keep up with their children's busy schedules, post-op patients on the road to recovery, and elderly citizens looking to return to their previously active lifestyles can all benefit from In Motion Physical Therapy's services.

The center is led by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, a doctor of physical therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University and an avid sportsman and outdoor activity enthusiast. Its services help patients return to their routine activities as soon as possible.


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