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Discovering the Gifts of Nature and Unveiling Full Potential: Manex Ibar’s Journey to Finding Spiritual Awareness

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Manex Ibar, a spiritual guide and teacher, helps individuals regain clarity, empowering them to release their full potential by awakening their inner genius and revealing the true path of purpose.

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Believing in higher powers, whether impersonated by a ‘God’ figure or by energy, has for centuries provided people with a sense of safety and comfort amidst the turmoil of life. Practices associated with specific religions have always been more socially and politically acceptable, dimming the power of other spiritual enactments that focus more on personal growth rather than any form of worship. Thankfully, the world is shifting toward a more tolerant and open-minded future. In that landscape, Shaman Manex Ibar, a spiritual guide with over 25 years of experience, emerges as a trusted voice that drives positive change within society.

Currently, a celebrated and renowned thought leader, serial social entrepreneur, book author, executive coach, and personal spiritual guide that awakens true essence and profound consciousness within people, Manex’s psychic journey began between the confinements of conformist expectations. Growing up in the Gold Coast, Greenwich area, Manex, just like most aspiring men in the area, was following the beaten path of enrolling at an Ivy League school, getting an impressive job, and returning to the Gold Coast after retiring.

Back then, Manex held a high-up position at Sony as the youngest VP of New Media and Emerging Technologies “If I stuck around for another 10 years, I know I would’ve been the CEO or another executive,” says Manex. “But I didn’t want that. I could feel that the doubts and bounds of corporate were a risk to my health, and I followed my intuition. I took a risk, left the job to heal my psyche, worked through my emotions, and followed a mystical path that resulted in many magical experiences.”

Manex has been experiencing spirituality since a young age. However, it wasn’t until an out-of-body experience in the heart of a forest in Connecticut that he began searching for answers. The quest led him to find two mentors who guided him through a complex and rewarding mystic journey: one, a Druid Wizard, Jaky Baily and the other, a renowned Lakota Spiritual Guide, Archie Fire Lamedeer, author of The Gift of Power. They initiated Manex through a sweat lodge experience at 16, introducing him to a life full of ‘live it’ moments. His mentors noticed Manex’s spiritual gift and began teaching him how to heal others.

At 21, Manex thought his eyesight was faltering. However, what first felt like his cornea erasing, quickly turned into positive news, and Manex realized it was his clairvoyance bursting. After the optician’s recommendation, Manex met Spirital mentor Tenzin Rengyal Rinpoche a Tibetan Monk of the ibetan Bon Shamanic Tradition, as well as clairvoyant and energy healer Jill Leigh. The training lasted two years, during which Manex learned how to tap into his clairvoyance and how to connect to nature’s spirits to help others.

In 2011, Manex survived being hit by lighting in Hawaii. That experience opened his third eye and, later in life, inspired the creation of Sphinx Code, a unique personal development platform. Manex also created the Archetypal Blueprint®, a set of ancient subconscious archetypes.

Currently, Manex focuses on redefining consciousness and equipping people with the tools that let them gain clarity without the help of mentors. He does so through hosting inspiring nature retreats and weekend getaways where - immersed in nature and bonded by ceremonies - participants discover Nature’s Intelligence and the power of the wild, freeing their energy of all expectations and limiting confinements.

“In my 25 years of experience, I realized I’m not just a healer. My purpose is helping others gain clarity on their own healing process,” says Manex. “There’s something incredibly rewarding about teaching someone else how to connect with Nature’s Intelligence, bringing them into this world, and witnessing them experience all these magical things that once were unattainable and mystical.”

Manex continues to coach individuals and groups privately through sessions, while leading workshops that bring people into direct experience with spirit. He is also set to release two books. One is an autobiography of his initiation, and the other is Nature’s Intelligence, to guide people in society to be connected to natures wisdom as a spiritual path.

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