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Burnham Nationwide Highlights Environmental Impact for Earth Day

Last updated Wednesday, April 24, 2024 11:33 ET

On Earth Day, Burnham Nationwide highlights the impact their services have in supporting the green industry and articles they’ve authored on how to successfully apply green building practices.

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On this Earth Day, Burnham Nationwide is sharing their involvement with green initiatives that have made an impact towards creating a more sustainable future, and highlight its active involvement in supporting sustainability and environmental preservation initiatives

Over ten years ago, BurnhamEye was launched. This application for both iPhone and Android has remotely verified the successful installation of over 40,000 Roof-Top Solar Panel Installations in the SouthWest for various energy providers, including Arizona Public Service Company. This engagement reflects the company's commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation into its business operations and solutions it provides for its corporate partnerships.

EV’s or Electrical Vehicles, and the critical charging network required to keep them in motion, is also part of Burnham’s roadmap. Burnham is keeping in sync with the ever-changing landscape and standards, so that when electrification of a company's fleet of vehicles or a municipality is viable, we’re prepared to review the plans, ensure scalability and safety and get it permitted.

The electrification of more densely populated cities is becoming more common - slowly phasing natural gas out for primarily residential accounts. This makes sense when the source of the energy is from renewable sources as more solar, wind, and hydro-electric sources come online. Making sure the local grid is viable, and standards are thoughtfully phased in to ease the financial burden on citizens is equally as important, which can be facilitated with supplemental battery storage connected to the grid.

Battery storage is another area of Burnham’s expertise having coordinated the largest battery installation in New York City and shared their experience in a study with the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority.

Burnham’s team has written extensively about many aspects, angles and methods of how to become more sustainable in our construction materials and methods. Ranging from more complex solutions like how to participate in the circular economy to establishing stronger building codes that will enable structures to withstand stronger weather events; to more simple applications like re-greening urban areas to reduce surface temperatures, and using smarter cement to reduce the CO2 by up to four times what is normally exhausted.

About Burnham Nationwide

Burnham Nationwide works in over 3,000 municipalities across the United States, and has a diverse client base from Fortune 200 companies to specialized architectural and development firms. Burnham offers a systematic, professional approach that streamlines and navigates the complex planning, submission, and approval process with Building Departments and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) so you don’t have to. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Burnham is the trusted project manager for established firms that expect consistent and dependable execution for every project. Burnham obtains upwards of nearly 10,000 permits and licenses annually. The tenure of the staff, their genuine passion for safety and precision with a commitment for timely delivery, set them apart from the competition; encapsulated in their credo of “Simply Getting It Done.


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