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The Science Behind Pilates: IM=X® Revolutionizing Exercising Culture While Improving Health

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Founded in 1994 to enrich Pilates with strength and health benefits, IM=X® is steadfast in its mission of encouraging people to explore the hidden benefits and magic of the movements.

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Recent years have exhibited a positive shift in the global perception of exercise; currently, thinking of movement solely as a means to manage weight or build muscle mass is considered outdated. Research and studies have unearthed a panorama of health benefits linked to frequent exercising, from generating feelings of happiness due to serotonin production, increasing the health of muscles and bones, and reducing risks of chronic diseases to stimulating brain power and memory.

The rising awareness ignited a tide of social media posts encouraging movement, with influencers often being the first ones to discover innovative exercises and engaging classes. These days, Pilates is one of the activities always in the spotlight. While frequent pictures and videos from Pilates classes are often fueled by influencers’ genuine desire to inspire followers to move their bodies, the image social media paints is far from reality.

“Videos of girls dressed in pretty matching outfits, performing impressive figures and bending their bodies in intricate shapes have created this global Pilates glamorization,” says Michelle Dodd, owner of the IX=M® Pilates and Fitness in Mansfield, Texas, a science and health-forward Pilates studio.“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this eye-appealing side of Pilates. However, it discourages those who aren’t as nimble and fit to participate.”

While Pilates is a widespread form of exercise worldwide, enticing celebrities and fitness enthusiasts with the promise of losing weight and modeling their bodies, the roots of Pilates date back to the mid-20th century when it was developed as a form of rehabilitation. Taking it back to the basics, IM=X® was created with the scientific aspects of Pilates in mind. To further elevate Pilates’ initial benefits, Elyse McNergney, the founder of IM=X, included exercises that improve strength and cardiovascular health in addition to Pilates’ rehabilitative properties.

For Elyse, creating the studio wasn’t a mere whim or an attempt to ride the Pilates popularity wave. To make her dream of introducing the impact of Pilates to more people a reality, Elyse spent years of her life studying, receiving an M.A. in Movement Sciences/ Dance Education from New York University and an M.Ed. in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University.

At IM=X®, exercises improving spinal health and core strength are a priority. “Spine and core are the center of health,” says Michelle. “We use our core for everything, from getting in and out of bed, standing up and sitting down, to moving up and down the stairs. With age, gravity pulls our bodies down. If you don’t engage your core muscles, aging will be challenging. That’s why using your joints and moving regularly is important.” Other health benefits of Pilates include mental-health-related improvements such as reduced stress, improved mental clarity, and a boost in overall confidence.

While IM=X® strips Pilates to what it originally was—a means of improving health—the studio is committed to offering cutting-edge tools that appeal to modern-day consumers. As a testament to the company’s dedication to improvement, IM=X® developed the Xercizer, a state-of-the-art reformer. To elevate traditional tools, Elyse created a machine with heavier springs that increase resistance and enable more flexibility, hoping to help clients build lean muscle and improve their bone density. The Xercizer also has a larger jump board than other reformers, adjustable and removable shoulder blocks, and lumbar support, which increases stability during seated movements.

While Pilates is often perceived as an exercise for the more fit and advanced, Michelle emphasizes that the IM=X® Pilates program is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Clients begin with an introductory session where members engage in the beneficial art of Pilates through simple movements and gradual progression. Once clients feel ready, the studio offers classes for the more advanced. However, no matter the level, IM=X® always focuses on full-body workouts, coordinating muscles and bones of the core, lower and upper body, chest, and back.

Ensuring all clients can enjoy the classes, IM=X® offers semi-private training or one-on-one sessions. During semi-private classes, a group of up to 12 people is coached by a qualified instructor who observes each participant and offers advice on how to improve movements. “I believe offering classes with a smaller group of people not only ensures all members are looked after properly but also creates a safe environment that’s supportive and free of judgment,” adds Michelle. Private sessions, on the other hand, are geared toward those needing personalized training and undivided attention due to health issues or specific doctor recommendations.

“IM=X® is for every person and every body. The benefits of Pilates go far beyond what’s on the surface, and we always strive to make it even more accessible,” shares Michelle. “Even though we welcome all ages and genders, our goal is to encourage more women aged 40 and above to try Pilates. At that age, their children are finally grown up, and they have more time to take care of their minds and bodies. I believe Pilates is the best way to do that!”

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