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Fairworld Properties On The Promising Zambia Real Estate Market

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Fairworld Properties Limited celebrates its success in the ever-expanding Zambia real estate market.

Lusaka, Zambia, 04/25/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Fairworld Properties Limited, a Zambian company offering end-to-end real estate services, celebrates the success it has found in the Zambia real estate market. The company has achieved several milestones, becoming a leading property valuator and development consultancy throughout several areas in Zambia. As the firm nears its 13th anniversary, Fairworld Properties is poised to pioneer economic development for community members and foreign investors.

Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa sharing a border with eight other nations. The country is well-known for its varied terrain, wildlife, and resource-rich mineral deposits. Zambia has some of the highest-grade copper deposits globally as well as widespread resources like emeralds, gold, and cobalt. The country has seen economic shocks recently due to low copper production, but Zambia’s real estate shows promise for improving development and providing communities with safe, affordable housing.

Fairworld Properties, established in 2011 by Chisebwe Fumbeshi, aims to drive local growth through the attraction of foreign investment and the development of affordable, attractive housing structures. The company stands out in a developing market due to its end-to-end services spanning property valuation, real estate management, property investment advisory, construction management, real estate investment consulting, and property brokerage. Fairworld Properties is considered a complete property solution because of this diversity, enabling it to serve clients of all backgrounds with wide-ranging goals. Fumbeshi, the company Chairman and CEO, is proud of this fact.

“Zambia is a mineral-rich country with a rapidly growing population,” Fumbeshi states. “The real estate market here is expanding steadily, with profit available for both local and international investors interested in leveraging the nation’s large supply of commercial or residential structures.”

In this landscape, Fairworld Properties has emerged as a differentiator offering quick results without compromising quality. The firm has a combined 35 years of real estate experience in Zambia and other African countries. The staff’s expertise allows them to relieve the stress of selling, listing, or even managing properties. Since Fairworld Properties has a suite of offerings, clients can rely on the firm to discover what their goals are and how to achieve them.

Fairworld Properties’ team is composed of officially registered valuation surveyors, while Chisebwe himself is an officially registered chartered surveyor. This distinction has been pivotal in achieving multiple milestones. Fairworld Properties makes it simple for interested buyers to browse available properties they are leasing via its property search database. Visitors can easily select the location, status, and any keywords that may be relevant to their interests.

The company is headquartered in the capital city of Lusaka, with an additional branch in Kitwe. Fairworld Properties has seen tremendous growth since opening over a decade ago and anticipates more expansion in the near future.

Fairworld Properties cites its clients’ generosity and trust as the main drivers of the company’s accolades. As the firm aims to become a pioneer in Zambia’s real estate market, Fumbeshi hopes to introduce forward-thinking solutions that support the country’s prosperity.

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