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MaxxBuild Pioneers a Safer Future with FM-Approved Flammable Cabinets of All Sizes

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To improve safety and reduce damage in case of a fire emergency, MaxxBuild, a revolutionary storage unit manufacturer, developed FM-approved cabinets protecting flammable objects.

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The most unexpected and sudden accidents often turn lethal, causing detrimental infrastructure damage, health injuries, and deaths. Fire incidents are one of the most prominent hazards in the US, both in the public and private sectors. Every year, fire departments receive over 350,000 fire home emergencies nationwide; these incidents generate not only nearly $7 billion in losses but, more importantly, result in over 2,500 deaths and 12,300 civilian injuries. These statistics highlight the dire and global need for safe infrastructure that prevents flammable liquids from catching fire.

To answer that call, MaxxBuild, a manufacturer of storage units and other metal goods, created certified and effective cabinets designed to shield combustibles. These cabinets, or what John Altizer, Founder and CEO, calls ‘great big yellow boxes,’ significantly increase safety, minimize the risk of buildings catching ablaze, and reduce the chances of flammables further spreading the fire.

“Not many people or businesses realize the importance of fire-proof cabinets,” Altizer elucidates. “While gasoline is the most known flammable, many liquids used daily fall into that category. If they’re not stored properly, the chances of fires spreading, and subsequently of drastic damages, grow.”

Nail polish removers, paint or paint thinners, and aerosol can deodorants are only a few examples of widely accessible flammable liquids found in all households, schools, or offices. “When you see an open can of paint lying around in a school janitor's room, you probably don’t think it might catch fire,” Altizer adds.

As a testament to MaxxBuild’s commitment to safety and orderliness, the company was certified by FM Approvals, a third-party testing laboratory and certification agency operating worldwide. Due to stringent guidelines and high standards, MaxxBuild is one of only a handful of China-based companies that manufacture for the US to receive the FM certificate. Moreover, MaxxBuild holds BIFMA and FSC approvals.

Protecting civilians in the vicinity of an outbreaking fire is MaxxBuild’s priority. However, Altizer emphasizes that appropriate storage unfolds a wide array of benefits, especially related to insurance claims. “If a fire explodes, insurance is less likely to cover related costs if flammable liquids weren’t stored properly,” Altizer adds.

Ensuring all clients can enjoy their products, MaxxBuild manufactured flammable cabinets of multiple sizes and volumes with varying door and shelving arrangements. From compact one-shelf and one-door cabinets housing up to four gallons of liquids to hefty 110-gallon boxes with two or more shelves and two doors, MaxxBuild addresses the needs of all clients. Moreover, if the extensive offering in the MaxxBuild library doesn’t suit the customer’s needs, the firm is always eager to create personalized products.

MaxxBuild leads the charge of appropriate flammable storage, developing certified and high-quality cabinets that are as durable as they are safe. “While flammable storage doesn’t seem like a necessity to many, I believe it should be the new standard,” comments Altizer. “Not only can it increase the chances of accepted insurance claims; more importantly, it can prevent fire from spreading, ultimately saving lives.”

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