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Media Update: Nauti-Craft, Marine Suspension Inventor, celebrates the Christening of a New Boat, the IMPULSE

Last updated Thursday, April 25, 2024 11:28 ET

Nauti-Craft revolutionizes the boating industry with over 70 marine suspension patents and a brand-new boat built by licensee of the technology, Wallaby Boats of Germany, and christened IMPULSE.

Dunsborough, Australia, 04/25/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Nauti-Craft, an innovative firm from the Land Down Under, comes to the rescue, providing boating enthusiasts and marine workers with boats elevated by the highest-quality suspension systems.

While examining Nauti-Craft’s prototypes with measuring devices, the team of experts found an up to 80% slamming reduction between the company’s vessel and a standard similarly sized catamaran. On the water, cruising toward the horizon, whether mildly rough waves or stormy conditions will result in fatigue, seasickness, and injuries. Moreover, the constant resistance caused by the waves consumes exponential amounts of fuel. Dedicated to improving the enjoyment of recreational sailing adventures and the safety of marine workers, Nauti-Craft developed its suspension system that absorbs the impact of waves as they gyrate past.

Since its establishment, marine services such as security, search and rescue, crew transfer in offshore wind and oil and gas, and water taxis have been the cornerstones of Nauti-Craft’s future vision. On the 22nd of April, Nauti-Craft took significant steps toward completing that mission. While the world united on Earth Day, celebrating Mother Nature, Nauti-Craft made news with the christening ceremony of the first commercial Suspension Equipped Crew Transfer Vessel (SECTV) built by Wallaby Boats in Germany for EnBW.

“Our founder, Chris Heyring, has always had a goal to revolutionize the boating industry,” says Mark Schiller, Managing Director at Nauti-Craft. “Now, we are one step closer to improving the boating industry globally, which is extremely exciting.”

The ceremony was attended by Germany’s Vice Chancellor / Minister of Economic Affairs, and hosted by the CEO of EnBW, a multi-billion-dollar energy powerhouse in the nation. “Hearing the Vice Chancellor emphasize the need for more Wallaby Boats was incredibly rewarding,” adds Mark. During the christening, the boat was named IMPULSE, highlighting its purpose of unruffling and sedating the impulses of nature. With just a few more trials and tests, IMPULSE is set to soar the Baltic Sea in May.

More than a pledge to continuously keep elevating the marine industry, this endeavor symbolizes Nauti-Craft’s commitment to meaningful partnerships. “Building a suspension-equipped vessel is a complex process,” Mark stresses. “Executing our collaborative approach is what enabled us to create our patents over the years.” From design and construction support to meeting stringent requirements, and performing sea trials, Nauti-Craft ensures its team’s expertise complements the proficiency of Nauti-Craft’s partners.

Previously, Nauti-Craft - under a different name - developed an automotive suspension technology. After years of meticulous research, skilled production, and proven effectiveness, the patent was acquired by one of the largest car suspension system developers worldwide and is aggrandizing the safety of many 4x4s to this day. Currently, the firm is on the right path to witness history repeating itself.

With a crystal-clear mission for the future of boating, Nauti-Craft is dedicating its efforts to expanding, both area- and product-wise. “We’re a small company with big dreams and far-reaching strategies, and we want to ramp it up!” says Mark. “Whether through investors or partnerships, we plan to keep improving and reshaping the boating industry. Interested potential partners are invited to contact us.”

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