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Wellness Therapist Rachel Claire Farnsworth Selected for Mental Health and Trauma Releasing Specialist Award

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Rachel Claire Farnsworth, a multi-award-winning transformational coach and author, is selected for the Global Health & Pharma Mental Health and the Trauma Releasing Specialist Award.

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Rachel Claire Farnsworth, a multi-award-winning transformational coach, wellness therapist, and author, has been awarded the Trauma Releasing Specialist Award from LuxLife Magazine, and the Mental Health Award from Global Health & Pharma. This accolade is one of many for Rachel, who has been praised for hypnotherapy work at Wellness with Rachel many times before. Rachel has accumulated multiple awards in recent years, highlighting her unique talent for releasing trauma and improving physical and emotional health.

In addition to the Trauma Releasing Specialist Award, LuxLife has also awarded Rachel Wellness Therapist of the Year in 2023 for Central England. She has also won Transformational Coach of the Year for Central England from Prestige Awards twice.

Since becoming a certified hypnotherapist in 2018, Rachel has served hundreds of clients worldwide for a variety of mental and physical difficulties. At first, Rachel was unsure about the efficacy of hypnotherapy and meditation for physical conditions, but her doubt was dispelled once she had her first client session with her daughter. Rachel’s daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at 18 months old. She consistently needed to take strong medications that severely impacted her quality of life. Shortly after Rachel was certified, her daughter experienced an intense flare-up of the autoimmune disease. Rather than rely solely on medications that had proven to be ineffective, Rachel took matters into her own hands.

She completed one hypnotherapy session with her daughter, exploring the fears and limitations dwelling within her subconscious mind. Some of these negative patterns were tied to childhood memories and the aim of the session was to release these at the root. With Rachel’s support and guidance, her daughter quickly saw results. Her physical health greatly improved and her symptoms reduced. This enabled her to enjoy life without medication based on the guidance of medical doctors. Rachel’s daughter is now 20, and since that first session has been symptom-free, pain-free, and medication-free.

Almost six years later, Rachel has helped countless others on their wellness journeys. She is well-known for allowing clients to get to the root of trauma and fear. This approach enables her to address client concerns in a few sessions, pinpointing struggles and eliminating them quickly. Rachel is proud of her impact on individuals and feels that this work is part of her higher purpose.

“When I realized how powerful hypnotherapy was, specifically after helping my daughter, I felt like it would be a disservice to keep my gift a secret,” Rachel says. “I wanted to help others reflect on trauma and find peace, which is why I am so passionate about providing support to people in need.”

Through one-on-one sessions or self-paced courses, Rachel’s clients can enter a natural state of relaxation necessary for releasing emotions or tapping into their subconscious mind. Depending on what the client wants to address, Rachel can adjust her techniques as necessary. Clients who would like to gain more clarity about what is preventing them from overcoming anxiety, depression, or any other condition, can freely share their story with Rachel during a session about two hours long. During that time she will listen intently, ask thought-provoking questions based on your circumstances, and help you end negative patterns preventing you from living happily. Rachel also integrates acupressure and reiki wherever applicable to heighten the results of a session. Clients generally only need a handful of sessions to see results.

“It feels surreal to be in such a successful point of my career as a transformational coach and trauma releasing specialist,” Rachel shares. “Sometimes it feels like somebody else is writing my story because it’s incredible that this wellness journey began from that one session I had with my daughter. Each time I look back on how I’ve grown and my services have too, I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to heal others.”

Within this year, Rachel plans to release a self-help book, ‘Decoding the Body’s Messages - Unlock Your Wisdom To Heal’, to empower individuals to address their trauma and fear with practical strategies, which also involves optional guided meditations.

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