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Award-Winning Biophilic Artist Susie Frazier to Hold Neuroinclusion Media Event at the WELL Conference on May 7

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Biophilic artist and designer Susie Frazier is hosting a press conference on neurodiversity and neuroinclusion in building design, to be held at IWBI’s WELL Conference on May 7, 11 am.

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Susie Frazier®: by Patrick Fraser

Los Angeles native Susie Frazier®, a neurodivergent biophilic designer, author, and Emmy®-winning producer, is teaming up with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to help educate media professionals about the latest discoveries in human neurodiversity and how settings of today – and the future – should be designed.

Frazier, a WELL Accredited Professional and Faculty member, has been significantly involved with IWBI’s Neurodiversity Roundtable. This volunteer group has helped advance updates coming soon to the WELL Building Standard, a library of holistic, evidence-based building and organizational strategies that, when implemented, can improve people’s health and well-being. Through her award-winning book, Designing For Wellnessand her creative output to the design and construction industry for close to three decades, Frazier’s influence on trends in real estate, mobile technology, TV entertainment, community events, consumer products and publishing has been well documented.

To provide journalists and other media professionals with the most accurate and easy-to-understand language that properly reflects this emerging and important area of wellness design, Frazier is hosting a press conference, in coordination with colleagues at IWBI, on Monday morning May 7, 2024 at 11:00 am during the Attendee Registration hour.

The press conference, titled What Is Neurodiversity? What Is Designing For Neuroinclusion?, will include:

  • An overview of terminology related to this new era of designing for neuroinclusion.

  • An overview of biophilia and 3 biophilic design mistakes planning teams should try to avoid.

  • Top 5 tips all interior designers will want to know in this era of designing for sensory health.

  • Inclusive practices any workplace can pursue to aid in attracting and retaining employees.

  • A hard copy of Frazier’s book Designing For Wellness™ and details on select industry partners.

All journalists, media representatives, bloggers, freelance writers, marketing professionals, and other educators are welcome to attend this media event and can RSVP here. Frazier’s remarks will be followed by an open Q & A session. All registered and present media representatives will receive location instructions upon check-in, a media kit with a Glossary of Terms, a signed copy of her book, Designing For Wellness™, and a special announcement on how sound, biophilic design, and the earthminded art of wellbeing are coming together in 2024.

Media contact:

Name: Marjorie Preston

Email: [email protected]

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