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Redy Technologies Launches Web-Based Digital Ordering System for Restaurants

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Redy Technologies, a startup offering contactless ordering and payment solutions for restaurants, launches its web-based platform.

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Redy Technologies has recently announced the launch of its web-based platform for contactless ordering and payment restaurant solutions. Founded by Harsha Sirigireddy, a chemical engineer, consultant, and tech entrepreneur, Redy Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide restaurants with end-to-end support on their growth journey.

Redy Technologies

During the pandemic, restaurant customers were frustrated with long waiting times, overburdened staff, and an overall disappointing dining experience. Harsha, the founder of Redy Technologies, experienced these challenges firsthand when dining out with his family post-COVID. “It was difficult because many people were excited to regain eating out as an activity that quarantine regulations didn’t allow previously,” Harsha says. “However, it was very clear that there was a severe shortage in the workforce and restaurants were in need of a better way to care for customers without sacrificing the quality of their service. That idea is what led to the Redy Technologies Digital Ordering System.”

The company’s Digital Ordering System was originally inspired by QR codes that enabled customers to view a restaurant’s menu. With this idea in mind, Harsha was committed to developing a platform that could fully streamline the customer experience through tech integrations.

Now available as a web-based platform, and soon to be released as a mobile app, the Redy Technologies Digital Ordering System simplifies restaurant operations while improving customer satisfaction. Customers can seamlessly scan a table’s QR code to access the restaurant’s menu. Unlike other portals that only enable customers to view items, Redy Technologies allows customers to order meals and pay whenever they want. This hassle-free experience greatly improves restaurant efficiency and cuts down on related costs.

With Redy Technologies’ platform, customers receive the right items at the right time, with a small margin for error. Each table has a unique QR code, which allows restaurant staff to understand where every order should go. This heightened efficiency helps restaurants decrease customer wait times, reduce employee burden, and consider consolidating their waiting staff.

Redy Technologies stands out in the market because of its customer-centric ethos. Competitors offer subscription services that leave restaurants confused about how to unleash the power of their new tech. However, Redy Technologies charges low-to-no upfront fees. Instead, the robust platform has flexible pricing rates per transaction, fostering mutual growth for the company and restaurants.

Harsha’s determination to provide value fuels this atypical approach. “I founded Redy Technologies because I saw a need in the market, but since then, I have recognized limitless opportunities to empower restaurants,” he shares. “I welcome feedback about the platform because my number one priority is to help clients become successful and hopefully inspire other restaurants to consider our end-to-end services that can accelerate their growth.”

Redy Technologies is a young, high-growth company with the potential to become a global leader in restaurant technology. The startup currently has multiple restaurants testing the functionality of the platform. With their robust future road map, full of functionality, this is a prime opportunity for future investors. Redy Technologies is seeking to fund the platform’s next version and growth. In the third quarter of this year, the company also plans to launch the mobile app version of its Digital Ordering System. If you’re interested in exploring Redy Technologies’ bright future, request a demo today and learn about investment opportunities.

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