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Sphinx Code Taps Into the Power of Algorithm, Unveils the Archetypal Blueprint® That Guides You Through Personal Growth

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Sphinx Code, founded by spiritual guide Manex Ibar, uses archetypal language and algorithms to reveal the Archetypal Blueprint®, a mystical map of one’s soul.

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The rise of spiritual awareness inspired an outflux of holistic methods that steer people through the mystical seas of self-discovery. With a mission to create a supportive community where each individual thrives personally and professionally, Manex Ibar, a spiritual teacher and psyche healer with over 25 years of experience, founded Sphinx Code.

Tapping into the uncharted territories of the subconscious is the key to a profound understanding of one’s inner desires, weaknesses, and strengths. In the 21st century, many methods and practices reveal themselves as an outlet that prompts self-expression. For Manex, a former employee of a renowned Sony, the beautiful merge of ancient techniques and modern algorithms is the winning recipe to success.

Birth charts, in addition to revealing specific tarot archetypes that align in specific ways and positions, can unearth a plethora of other information about one’s psyche, subconscious, and destiny. Inspired by the work of Dr. Carl Jung, a visionary who explored the innate connection between the subconscious and our behaviors, and Joseph Campbell’s discovery of the universal patterns in myths, stories, and narratives, Manex created Sphinx Code, taking the truths uncovered by Jung and Campbell one step further.

At the heart of Sphinx Code lies the Archetypal Blueprint®, a powerful tool that helps individuals master their self-discovery and soul-searching journeys by revealing vital personality traits, desires, needs, and fears. The comprehensive, many-faceted analysis offers invaluable insights into patterns that lead us down dark roads. By encouraging those who dared to seek answers to face their shadow head-on, Sphinx Code offers mystical lessons on how to stop the shadow from activating and transcending negative energy into higher vibrations.

The blueprint, tied to the Tarot’s 22 major arcana archetypes, is based on 16 positions that define the subconscious architecture of our psyche and provide a map of our individual psychology. Each archetype symbolizes different aspects of the psyche and unveils insight into different stages of life and parts of the subconscious. Sphinx Code algorithm unveils the link between ancient wisdom systems such as the Tarot, the I-ching, The Tibetan Tara, The Vetic Kali Chakra System, and the science's genetic binary form the 22 amino acids, and Codon Rings, amongst others, guiding people through their path to holistic and profound understanding.

Within the magical realm of Sphinx Code, you can find a personalized map of the subconscious, access readings from Wisdom Keepers, and heal your psyche. While the Archetypal Blueprint® is the crux of Sphinx Code, the platform offers many more outlets for self-discovery, including the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck, a compact portal into mythical empires. Manex has developed a proprietary app where the mystical wisdom of the Archetypal Blueprint® is available to more people. Additionally, with a focus on fostering a connected and supportive community, the app offers ways to tether with other wisdom seekers.

“Self-discovery is such a complex journey, and tapping into the powerful and unexplored subconscious territories is the key,” adds Manex. “Sphinx Code is a bow to nature's algorithm that offers an entire set of answers. I think in today’s world, people need clarity, and the Archetypal Blueprint® is an extraordinary tool that unlocks the magic within you.”

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