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The Rise of Human 3.0 - How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping our Identity and Future of Work

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Daniel Miessler, founder of Unsupervised Learning, shares insights on the human transformation from human 2.0 to human 3.0 as creators leveraging AI.

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As society hurtles towards an AI-driven future, questions like the erudite impact of this technological revolution on human identity, economy, and social fabric are truly under consideration. AI has already been incorporated in many formats wherein you can draft write-ups, render images, website chatbots, and have automated vehicles, to name a few. The way machine learning evolves, the workload of humans shifts as well. As Daniel Miessler, founder of Unsupervised Learning aptly says, “It’s not about the technology; it’s about what humans want from it.”

Daniel argues that industrialization has woven our identities with our work. As AI automates tasks, this ‘worker-centric’ identity becomes obsolete. We face a critical shift: evolving from Human 2.0 (defined by our careers) to Human 3.0 (defined by our full spectrum of human skills and experiences). This transition requires self-discovery, a process he believes is crucial for navigating the AI-powered future.

His upcoming platform Substrate will demonstrate this. Substrate is an open-source framework for human problem-solving. It allows one to express anything as a digital infrastructure—from problems to solutions, to experiments—and yes—even humans. Focusing on the human 3.0 portion, Substrate is an open-source platform designed to facilitate human connection in the age of AI. It functions as a ‘digital self’ where individuals can capture their beliefs, skills, experiences, and even their sense of humor. This API for a person goes beyond traditional resumes, offering a holistic picture of who we are.

Substrate leverages AI to connect people based on shared values, goals, and even problem-solving capabilities. Imagine AI matching you with the perfect job, not based on your resume, but on your unique human qualities that complement the role. This empowers individuals to find work that aligns with their passions and a more fulfilling work experience. The future economy envisioned might not rely solely on traditional currencies. Substrate allows for the exchange of value through human connection - a smile, a listening ear, or a shared story could hold value. This will resonate with the idea of the age-old barter system for human skills and experiences but in a modern, tech-driven context.

Really, the first step on the path to Human 3.0 is self-articulation. Daniel encourages everyone to understand their strengths and what makes them valuable. Substrate’s API structure helps visualize this by capturing your essence in a structured format. Daniel shares, “When they see it in an API structure, their first thought is - Hmm, maybe there is something more to this. And that switches a bit of them, believing that they have a value which they can then exchange with other people.” Seeing your unique value proposition can be a powerful motivator, to make humans more confident and are able to find a sense of purpose in a world increasingly driven by AI.

This visionary founder further emphasizes the need for education to adapt to the rise of Human 3.0. Our current education systems, Daniel argues, are geared toward industrial needs, neglecting self-discovery or even the art of ‘broadcasting your actual self.’ “Traditional education systems, designed for the industrial economy, fall short in preparing us for the future,” he states. This shift requires a curriculum that fosters self-awareness, communication skills, and the ability to translate your unique value proposition into a language the evolving world understands.

While AI might automate tasks, Daniel believes it cannot replace human connection. He emphasizes that AI excels at processing information, but humans possess an irreplaceable ability for empathy, creativity, and authenticity. The future lies in humans and AI working in tandem, with AI as a powerful tool that enhances human-to-human connections.

The message is clear: the future belongs to those who embrace their Human 3.0 potential. This is not a dystopian future dominated by machines, but an era of Human 3.0 – a time of human connection, collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose in a world reshaped by AI. The choice is ours, and the journey begins with self-discovery - capture your beliefs, explore your passions, and embrace the human qualities that make you, you.

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