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Broadhead & Company's Renaissance Towne Center: Revitalizing Suburban Spaces through Mixed-Use Development

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The Renaissance Towne Center symbolizes Broadhead & Company's goal of rejuvenating Bountiful, Utah and breathing new life into the community through innovative mixed-use development.

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The Renaissance Towne Center, an ambitious project in Bountiful, Utah, redefines modern urban planning with its meticulous design and construction. It demonstrates Broadhead & Company's impact in advancing mixed-use development, exemplifying a multifaceted space that combines commercial, residential, and medical components.

The ground floor hosts multiple commercial units, inviting locals and visitors to explore various shops and services. There's also a medical high-rise component and an underground parking ingeniously integrated with the existing structure, ensuring convenience without compromising aesthetics. This thoughtful approach extends to the upper levels, which house apartment units.

Collaborating with Dwell Design Group, a national architectural design firm, renowned for creating multi-family developments, and Entellus, Inc., an engineering services provider, helped bring the project to fruition. It addressed the challenges of complex grading and prioritized Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility. Partnering with this firm illustrates Broadhead & Company's commitment to adhering to the highest standards of quality and inclusivity.

Besides its dedication to top-notch design, convenience, and accessibility, Renaissance Towne Center stands out for embracing the new urbanism concept. New urbanism refers to an urban design movement focusing on building communities that display the ideal characteristics of human habitation (i.e., high-density, vibrant, walkable, and houses accessible to public spaces). It's a return to traditional urban and suburban planning practices based on the principles of how cities and towns have been built for the past centuries.

The Renaissance Towne Center embodies these principles of new urbanism. With this project, Broadhead & Company shows its dedication to returning to the principles of traditional urban planning, where minimal setbacks and integrated land use are the priority.

Broadhead & Company has established itself as a trusted partner for investors, businesses, communities, and individuals since its establishment in 2001. It's known for its unique approach to real estate development—creating spaces that enrich individual lives and collective communities. Thanks to the leadership of its President and CEO, Bruce Broadhead, the firm has achieved sustained success and become an industry leader.

Reflecting on the project's beginnings, Broadhead shares, "We initially planned a retail and office development on our 20-acre property. We wanted to do a mixed-use project including entertainment options like restaurants, but we struggled to secure the right tenants. Then we realized there's a growing demand for housing, so we pivoted and utilized vertical construction." As it embraced the concept of new urbanism and built an environment where residents could live, work, and play, all within easy reach, the company was able to provide a modern solution to urban planning challenges.

Broadhead & Company's team of experts conducted meticulous massing studies and density assessments to determine the feasibility of residential development on the property. They then decided to depart from conventional suburban development practices and utilize vertical construction exclusively.

Doing so allowed the firm to help generate significant economic benefits for the municipality of Bountiful. The project sought to boost tax revenue while reducing overall development costs. "We knew that higher building densities promised greater profitability. So, overall, it's a win-win scenario for both the investors and the community," Broadhead supplies.

The Renaissance Towne Center showcases the massive impact of adaptive planning and visionary thinking. Broadhead & Company achieved remarkable success in transforming what was supposed to be a detail-focused endeavor into a pioneering venture in new urbanism in suburbia.

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