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Comporth LLC Receives WBENC Certification: Creating a Space for Women in the Real Estate Development Industry

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Comporth LLC obtains WBENC certification, a significant milestone symbolizing its dedication to diversity and excellence in the compliance industry under the leadership of founder Kelsey Lee.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 05/02/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Comporth LLC, a leading compliance solution provider in Philadelphia, has recently received the prestigious Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification. This certification signifies a pivotal moment for the company and its founder, Kelsey Lee, as it illustrates their commitment to exceptional service and excellence.

The WBENC certification is regarded as the gold standard for women-owned businesses in the United States. Receiving this means Comporth gains access to targeted business opportunities, increased visibility in supply chains, educational programs, and networking opportunities with fellow women entrepreneurs. It would enable the company to continue its efforts in providing full-service compliance expediting solutions to architects, business owners, contractors, engineers, landlords, and real estate developers and investors.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, the innovative company has already established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking to achieve full compliance in Philadelphia. It has consistently delivered results that save clients substantial sums while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements since its establishment in 2022. This dedication has earned the confidence of clients across various sectors.

Obtaining the WBENC certification is not only a mere validation for Comporth as a woman-owned business. It symbolizes the company and its founder's commitment to diversity, empowerment, and excellence in an industry traditionally dominated by male voices. After all, Lee's journey as a woman in a male-dominated industry has been filled with challenges.

There were perceptions and biases regarding women's capabilities in certain aspects of the business. However, she shattered stereotypes and earned her respect among peers and clients through her expertise and resilience. Her extensive background in advertising, entrepreneurship, and psychology informs her expertise.

Lee's achievements have been widely recognized in the mentioned fields, earning prestigious awards from the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), WHYY, and Philadelphia Weekly. The woman leader has always demonstrated a passion for innovation and community building, as seen in her previous works (e.g., assisting in the development of PiperWai Natural Deodorant, which was seen on Shark Tank, founding a registered nonprofit organization called The Philadelphia Spin Coalition, etc.).

Given her experience and knowledge across various industries, Lee has become an expert in building trust and rapport with different stakeholders. She balances assertiveness and diplomacy to ensure effective negotiations and successful outcomes. This helps her shape the unique approach of Comporth in navigating communication dynamics between city officials and clients and tailoring the company's services to diverse audiences.

It is significant to emphasize that research and expertise are the foundation for the company's success. "Knowledge is power, and at Comporth, we prioritize research and expertise to offer the best solutions and exceed client expectations," Lee remarks.

Ultimately, Comporth's attainment of the WBENC certification is only the beginning for the company in challenging gender norms and driving positive change in the industry. It also promises to remain dedicated to being a trusted partner for businesses, simplifying compliance in Philadelphia to help them thrive in a competitive environment.

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