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Business Awards UK 2024 Information Technology Awards: Celebrating Leaders in Tech Innovation

Last updated Tuesday, May 7, 2024 12:30 ET , Source: Mark Byrne, Director

The Business Awards UK announced the winners and finalists of the 2024 Information Technology Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in IT that drive business innovation and transformation.

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Business Awards UK is thrilled to announce the winners and finalists of the 2024 Information Technology Awards, recognising exceptional achievements and advancements in the field of Information Technology that drive business transformation and innovation. This year's awards spotlight those who have pioneered technological solutions that optimise business operations, enhance security, and expand the technological frontier.

Business Awards UK 2024 Information Technology Awards Winners

  • Cloud Contracts 365 Limited - Best IT Project Management
  • Qubiz - Leading IT Service Provider
  • The Virtual Forge - Outstanding Cloud Computing Service
  • IT Manager Services Ltd - Excellence in IT Consulting
  • Altera Digital Health UK - IT Product of the Year
  • iCustoms - Best AI Implementation
  • Fairware - Best Emerging Technology Implementation
  • Journey - Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Harshitha Shivakumar, IBM - Rising Star Award
  • Mobica - Excellence in Cybersecurity
  • London Institute of Business and Technology - IT Educator of the Year
  • Data Understood - Outstanding Tech Startup
  • Moore Insight - Innovative Software Development
  • Viking - Outstanding Digital Transformation Initiative
  • Akshay Sekar Chandrasekaran, Intuit - Lifetime Achievement in Information Technology
  • Nouvellesoft - Best IT Infrastructure Solution
  • Mobica - Best Mobile Application Development

Business Awards UK 2024 Information Technology Awards Finalists

  • Cloud Contracts 365 Limited - Best AI Implementation, Outstanding Cloud Computing Service
  • The Virtual Forge - Best AI Implementation, IT Product of the Year
  • Protos Networks - Excellence in Cybersecurity
  • IT Manager Services Ltd - Best IT Support and Maintenance
  • Altera Digital Health UK - Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Fairware - Outstanding Tech Startup
  • Journey - Innovative Software Development, Rising Star Award
  • E-Sign UK Ltd - Leading IT Service Provider, Outstanding Digital Transformation Initiative
  • London Institute of Business and Technology - IT Product of the Year
  • Inez Hogarth, Data Understood - Rising Star Award
  • Cynergy Tech - Best Mobile Application Development
  • Moore Insight - Outstanding Digital Transformation Initiative
  • sfG Software - Lifetime Achievement in Information Technology, Best IT Infrastructure Solution, Excellence in IT Consulting
  • sfG MentorNet - IT Educator of the Year, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction, Best Emerging Technology Implementation
  • Nouvellesoft - Best Mobile Application Development, Best IT Project Management

Shaping the Future of Technology

The 2024 Information Technology Awards underline the vital role of innovative IT solutions in empowering businesses and driving the future of technology. This year’s winners have distinguished themselves by delivering cutting-edge technologies and strategies that enhance operational efficiency and cybersecurity, contributing to significant advancements in their respective fields.

Their efforts have not only enhanced business functionalities but also set new standards in IT services, underscoring the importance of continuous innovation and adaptation in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. By integrating advanced AI, comprehensive cloud solutions, and robust cybersecurity measures, these leaders are at the forefront of ensuring that businesses remain competitive and secure in a digital age.

As we anticipate further technological advancements, the achievements of these professionals and organisations are pivotal in steering the direction of IT development. Business Awards UK celebrates their commitment to excellence and innovation, which continues to inspire and impact the global technology sphere.

To discover more about the 2024 Information Technology Awards and the groundbreaking work of the winners and finalists, please contact Business Awards UK.

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