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HCT's WaterSOLV™: A Breakthrough Technology for Challenging Water and Soils in Agriculture

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HCT, LLC's breakthrough technology addresses the root causes of water and vegetation issues, providing significant increases in crop production with less water and inputs.

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HCT, LLC announces the groundbreaking success of WaterSOLV™ in redefining water and soil management practices across the United States. The chemical technologies have earned acclaim for their remarkable impact on solving the root causes of soil toxicity, mineral imbalances, and microbial challenges in agricultural settings at millions of acres of agriculture, turf facilities, and nurseries.

HCT's WaterSolv Program determines the factors influencing soil and vegetation health by categorizing water into buckets such as minerals, metals, microbes, sodium, and various gasses (e.g., bicarbonates, chlorides, oxygen, etc.). Doing so allows it to consider a broader spectrum of indicators other than traditional metrics like pH.

Todd Eden, HCT's founder and developer, remarks, "What I've realized from over a decade in this field is that the industry tends to rely on outdated practices. For example, they depend on pH suppression and adding gypsum to make calcium move into the vegetation. What if the water already has plenty of calcium and sulfate? It might be unnecessary and even counterproductive, especially in regions with different climates."

The Arizona-based company considers other factors like nutrient saturation to acquire a more nuanced understanding of the soil's total properties, allowing it to provide growers with actionable insights for optimizing nutritional uptake, leading to significantly improved production. "To put it into general terms, like people, we are what we eat and drink, and of course, exercise and oxygen intake play a significant role. Plants are not much different; they only drink from the soil, absorbing the nutrients available," Eden explains.

According to the expert, soils act like a dirty filter and can't process what the plant needs most times. He adds, "Soils tend to become septic, and what's readily available for the plant to drink is toxic sodium. We've been able to chemically liberate the beneficial nutrients in soils while reducing the percentage of sodium and decreasing water demand." The results of HCT's innovative approach are an increase in crop yields by 18 up to 60% (crop specific) and a reduction in water usage by an average of 15%, or more.

A CEO of an agricultural services provider shares his remarkable experience with WaterSOLV, calling it a "holy grail." He recounts being skeptical at first but was intrigued by WaterSOLV's claims. He then conducted experiments and observed stark differences in water penetration and cotton germination rates between treated and untreated soil. "I was impressed because after implementing WaterSOLV on crops like alfalfa and corn, the soil texture improved, leading to deeper water penetration and more yields. There was a 90% germination rate with WaterSOLV compared to only 10% without it," he states.

Besides its impact on agriculture, WaterSOLV serves as a versatile solution for various settings and industries, including sports facilities, landscape nurseries, and city water wells. With WaterSOLV's ability to address issues like turf health, soil quality, and water hardness, HCT helps businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve more sustainable outcomes.

A superintendent at a golf club in Tucson, Arizona, attests to this, sharing his experience with WaterSOLV products and the benefits of HCT’s solutions. He praises HCT for its effectiveness in improving soil quality and addressing various issues, such as scale buildup and bicarbonate deposits. Using WaterSOLV allowed him to improve drainage, reduce algae growth, and even make equipment operation smoother. All these contributed to the golf course's revenue. "HCT is a home run for any course from the east coast to the west coast," he exclaims.

HCT's WaterSOLV continues to redefine water and soil management. As it solves issues like soil toxicity and water hardness, the company helps individuals and businesses improve crop yields and lower costs, all while promoting economics and sustainability. Additional information is available on their website for those interested in delving deeper into HCT's technologies and its applications.

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