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Heather Stewart Transforms Lives Through Wellness Coaching and Insightful Podcasts

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Heather Stewart's journey from corporate accountant to real-life coach illustrates how embracing one's true potential can inspire others and transform lives.

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Life often leads people to unexpected paths, sometimes to places where they initially thought they belonged, only to realize that it's not where their true passion is. For many, this involves moments of uncertainty and doubt but also of growth and self-discovery. Heather Stewart, a real-life coach from Ontario, Canada, has experienced this firsthand and found a path that leads to self-reinvention.

Heather initially pursued a career in accounting. Societal expectations and the promise of financial stability drove her to make this decision, leading to years of feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from her true passions. She found herself constantly yearning for something more meaningful.

To cope with all the stress, Heather attended a yoga studio a colleague recommended. This seemingly simple decision to immerse herself in yoga practice would later alter the course of her life. While driving to yoga one evening, Heather, distracted and stressed, narrowly avoided a collision at a busy intersection.

The life coach recounts, "It was a turning point in my life. I realized that I became one of those people who can't see what's going on around them because of stress. I knew then that I had to do something to feel more grounded. So, I started teaching yoga after my corporate work. Other instructors described me as gentle yet firm and how I'm always attentive to everyone's practice. I think the description fits me perfectly. I offer tough love with a gentle touch because I refuse to let my students deceive themselves. I guide them to accept positive feedback."

Wanting to embrace change wholeheartedly, Heather eventually decided to leave the corporate world. She also sold her house and traveled to India with a fellow yoga instructor (now her husband of 19 years) in hopes of finding her life purpose in the birthplace of the ancient practice. After immersing herself in archaic wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, Heather returned to her birth country with renewed purpose.

She delved deeper into holistic healing modalities and even obtained certifications in massage therapy, personal training, and meditation facilitation. She also opened Flow! Yoga and Wellness, where she nurtured a community of wellness enthusiasts for over a decade. Here, she offered group classes, personal training, and massage therapy.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Heather was forced to surrender her business along with her home. This setback didn't stop the determined woman from pivoting once again, this time transitioning into business coaching for health and wellness professionals. She launched the "Build a Better Business" podcast, advocating for a holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

Heather's life took another unexpected turn in 2021 when she suffered a stroke, challenging her resilience. "My vision was affected by the stroke. I questioned everything, but staying in the hospital and hearing conversations—seeing all these people suffering and being in worse condition than me—completely changed my perspective and how I see life. I realized that there are solutions available to you if you can take the blinders off," she says.

This newfound clarity and purpose led to Heather creating the "Back to Me" podcast. With this, she aims to empower individuals to prioritize their well-being and build resilience to overcome challenges. She draws from her experiences to offer practical advice and heartfelt encouragement, guiding listeners on their own journeys of self-discovery and personal transformation.

When asked about her vision, Heather answers, "My goal is to expand my capacity to positively impact others. I aim for my influence to ripple like an energetic tidal wave." To accomplish this, she offers coaching programs to provide practical guidance and inspiration to others. One of Heather's signature offerings is The Thriving Life Method, an intensive program designed to help participants gain clarity, energy, and focus on what truly matters. The real-life coach also provides personalized 1:1 and group coaching for those who need help to stay focused on their goals and navigate life's challenges.

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