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Serial Entrepreneur Mareez Boulis Barsoum Intertwines Fashion, Spirituality and Technology

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Entrepreneur Mareez Barsoum combines her passion for gemstones to create accessories and promote transparency and accountability in the gemstone industry, which is notorious for counterfeit stones.

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Originally from Egypt, and based in the US, Mareez Boulis Barsoum is a woman wearing many hats whose design creations are known to intertwine fashion with beautiful gemstones. This creative force behind Extrinsic Beauty uses her imagination while curating each piece, backing it with science to educate individuals on the actual usage of each stone. Her foray into the world of fashion and accessories was serendipitous, sparked by a simple encounter with a pendulum in a gemstone shop.

Initially bought to ward off negative energies and attract positivity, the pendulum soon became a cherished accessory, worn as a necklace for its protective properties. As her coworkers and acquaintances took notice, Mareez’s innate entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, leading her to craft and distribute unique accessories to a wider audience.

Her keen eye for design, along with a profound spiritual and scientific approach make Mareez’s designs a differentiator. She sees gemstones as divine gifts from nature, explaining, “The human body is made up of minerals, and needs minerals, just like protein and calcium. And gemstones are nothing but uncut versions of rocks that are made of minerals.” She believes in the inherent power of minerals to influence the body’s systems, drawing on both spiritual wisdom combined with scientific research to inform her practice. Her ethos is rooted in balance, acknowledging the significance of stones while also recognizing their tangible effects on each human body.

Central to Ms. Barsoum’s philosophy is her commitment to quality and safety. Understanding the potential hazards of certain stones, she subjects each piece through rigorous testing, including fire, scratch, and weight tests, to ensure authenticity and eliminate any risks of toxicity. This dedication to transparency and integrity has earned her the trust and loyalty of her customers, who rely on Extrinsic Beauty for genuine, ethically sourced products. She further explains, “There are a couple of experiments that were done with these stones, where they’ve seen that the blood itself starts to glow after having these gems or certain mineral stones around them for a while.”

But this visionary’s ambitions extend beyond the realm of fashion and accessories. A self-professed tech enthusiast, Mareez is spearheading the development of an augmented reality home decor collection that promises to revolutionize the way consumers engage with her products. With this innovative technology, users will be able to explore the intricate details of gemstones in stunning 3D, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of each piece.

Mareez is always on a mission to educate and empower consumers about each stone, ensuring they make informed choices in an industry rife with misinformation and deception. “For example, malachite is considered to be very dangerous, and when infused with water, it emits toxic fumes. I do not sell malachite just like that. I sell reconstructed malachite, which is malachite shaving encased in resin as long-term exposure to malachite on the skin can cause liver damage and many other health issues,” shares Mareez. “I run tests on all of them when they arrive to ensure that they’re correctly identified.”

By shedding light on the prevalence of counterfeit and synthetic materials, the usages of the stone, the chakra that brings positive energy, and so on, she hopes to foster a culture of transparency and accountability. “In Egypt, we believe in 9 chakras, unlike 7 chakras that are universal,” she elucidates. “I believe that the stones do help with the Chakras because we do have a Chakra system, and that is scientifically proven. Specific minerals can engage with these chakras, activating and aiding them for a healthier being overall.”

Despite her entrepreneurial success, Mareez remains grounded, driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the industry. While invitations to prestigious events like the Top Hat Fashion Week in London are a testament to her growing influence, Mareez remains focused on her ultimate goal: to foster a community of informed and empowered consumers. As Extrinsic Beauty continues to flourish under her leadership, Mareez serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts alike, proving that true beauty lies in the marriage of passion, purpose, and unwavering integrity.

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