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Author Lori Piotrowski Announces Upcoming Release of Third Novel in Molly Weston Chronicles

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Lori Piotrowski, a gifted writer well-known for the Molly Weston Chronicles series, announces the upcoming release of its third installment Revolutionary Spark.

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Lori Piotrowski, the author of multiple children’s books and historical novels, has announced the upcoming launch of the third installment in the Molly Weston Chronicles. With Revolutionary Heart and Revolutionary Spirit already on shelves, Lori is excited to release Revolutionary Spark next. The third novel will expand on the political and romantic battlefield that Molly Weston, a young woman in 18th-century America, is traversing.

Prior to becoming an author, Lori Piotrowski held several roles in magazine publishing, corporate communications, public relations, and academia. She enjoyed language learning, reading, and writing. However, it wasn’t until she attended a fiction conference that she began putting her ideas on paper. At the time, Lori had overseen these events through her job but never participated in any of them. Due to her curiosity, Lori joined a fiction writing group and quickly discovered her love for creating a good story. She never brought Molly Weston to life until a few years later when she mustered up the courage and found the time to write a manuscript.

While Lori was writing the book, she devoured historical documents at the university library in Las Vegas where she lived. Lori found it critical to research how people lived in Colonial America. Without the right knowledge, the Molly Weston Chronicles could quickly become an inaccurate and daft book series. However, Lori avoided this fate by diving deep into resources covering 18th-century architecture, recipes, and newspapers. She relished in the process, creating a doll of Molly and cooking a classic biscuit early settlers used to consume.

Once Revolutionary Heart was a reality, Lori fell deeper in love with the book’s storyline. “Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by Colonial America,” Lori shares. “I always wondered what it was like to live and work during those times, and I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed writing about Molly so much.”

Revolutionary Heart introduces Molly Weston as a young woman living in Boston during the 1760s. Lori carefully details the tensions between the British government and early settlers in America. She weaves an entertaining and relatable picture of Colonial life by covering Molly’s star-crossed romance with a British lieutenant while highlighting the difficulties of living during this time. In Revolutionary Spirit, Molly’s story unravels further as she learns about grassroots initiatives to push back against Great Britain. As Molly comes to terms with how the British influence her life in Boston, she also falls harder for her lover.

Sometime this summer, Lori hopes to release Revolutionary Spark, the third Molly Weston Chronicle, which will focus on the intensifying relationship between early America and Great Britain. The book will be set a few years after Revolutionary Heart and bring the reader into the era where America moves away from the British.

Lori is passionate about writing historical fiction because she strongly believes that our past provides us with lessons for the future. She hopes that her books inspire youth to explore American history and develop a love for reading.

A reader shares their thoughts on the Molly Weston Chronicles: “Although it’s taken me a long time to finish Revolutionary Heart and the other books in this series, I keep falling in love with Molly all over again each time I pick up the novels. There’s something about her tenacity, intelligence, and perspective that immerses me into the story.”

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