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Dr. Zain Hakeem Encourages Patients to Pursue their Dreams with Optimum Long-Term Health

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Dr. Zain Hakeem is leading the charge in transforming primary care with his RiverRock Medical.

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Dr. Zain Hakeem is not your typical physician. With a background in philosophy and a passion for reimagining healthcare, he’s leading the charge in transforming primary care at RiverRock Medical.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Dr. Hakeem was convinced he was a pure math or physics kid. “Multi-variable calculus and differential equations were my favorite subjects,” he states. His journey into medicine took a unique turn when he pursued a major in philosophy during his undergraduate years at LSU. It was during this time that he began to view medicine through a philosophical lens, questioning the prevailing paradigm of disease-focused healthcare.

Inspired by the osteopathic philosophy that the role of a physician should be to find health, not just disease, Dr. Hakeem embarked on a quest to redefine the very essence of health itself. He states, “I realized in med school that no one in medicine was really talking about health. 95% was about treating disease, 5% was about preventing disease, and 0% was about increasing or improving health. RiverRock is my attempt to change that.”

Common medical checkups nowadays involve diagnosing and treating problems. But this physician takes it a step ahead to understanding the mission statement of his patient’s lives, the biggest sources of fulfillment and meaning, the things worth suffering for, and the things they would do even if they didn't have to. Once the purpose is understood, he collaborates with patients to gather metrics and analytics, they track progress, set yearly goals, and weekly KPIs, and drive his patients to lead the most fulfilling possible lives, fulfilling their individual missions.

Another analogy that Dr. Hakeem uses is the sleep analogy to show how the mind and body are interwoven. People can control going to bed, but cannot really force themselves to fall asleep. They can only be open to the possibility. “The more you force it, the more you push it away,” he says.

With a desire to disseminate his unique approach to a broader audience, Dr. Hakeem launched a YouTube channel. Through this platform, he deconstructs prevailing narratives surrounding longevity and wellness, challenging misconceptions and offering insights grounded in both medical science and philosophical inquiry. His commitment to education extends beyond his clinic walls, empowering patients and fellow practitioners to adopt a more holistic view of healthcare. Dr. Hakeem is also the creator of the Rx-Bayes App, a statistical tool designed to help physicians navigate the nuances of medical tests and interpretations.

Looking ahead, Dr. Hakeem envisions a future where RiverRock's methodology becomes the standard in primary care. He envisions his practice, “I aim to hire a new generation of physicians, and start training them in our 3-level methodology. I would love to start a fellowship for training physicians who are interested in doing primary care differently. I would certify them in the RiverRock method. Create a RiverRock mindset.”

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