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Lotus Psychotherapy Paves the Way for Holistic Mind and Body Mental Health Practices

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Founded in 2020, Lotus Psychotherapy prioritizes a holistic mind and body approach that’s effective and affordable, carving a unique niche in the mental health industry.

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With the recent global rise in mental health awareness, more and more psychotherapy practices have emerged into the landscape. Founded by

Allison M. Scarinzi, LCSW-C, CAIMHP, Board Approved Supervisor, a former social worker and addiction survivor, Lotus Psychotherapy boasts a unique and patient-centric approach, focusing on all aspects of health, from mental clarity and polyvagal theory to nurturing gut well-being.

Located in the Annapolis metropolitan area, Lotus Psychotherapy is dedicated to answering the needs of local communities by offering an ample repertoire of services, spanning group therapy, individual, family, and couple sessions, addiction recovery, EMDR therapy, brainspotting, and more. Regardless of patient needs, the specialists at Lotus Psychotherapy guide with compassion and understanding, committed to transforming lives and helping clients connect with their truest selves.

What started as a solo practice developed into a trusted psychotherapy center run by Allison and supported by 20 certified practitioners, each with unique specialties and areas of expertise. During the pandemic, demand rose, and Allison thought of ways to expand her positive impact. That growing need prompted her to contact colleagues, connect patients on the waitlist with other specialists, and create a supportive network of empathetic people.

Among the specialists, some are counselors, mental health practitioners, social workers, or outpatient therapy providers. Moreover, Lotus Therapy opened two intensive treatment programs for adults and adolescents. That initiative was ignited by a striking lack of insurance-covered adolescent programs in the area. Allison adds, “There are many programs that offer mental health services, but they’re not financially accessible.”

On a mission to make mental healthcare attainable, Allison created a fair financial model that supports her business while allowing those in need to access high-quality services hassle-free. For instance, Lotus Psychotherapy will neglect copayment practices and manage insurance on the back end. “We’ll never not accept someone who can’t pay the full price. We’re still getting reimbursed and can operate, and our patients have easier access to quality services,” she adds.

Central to Lotus Psychotherapy’s ethos is the belief that true happiness is a fusion of mental and physical well-being. In a bold steer away from the norm, Lotus Psychotherapy enriches traditional cognitive therapy with scientifically based physiological aspects. That environment offers a safe and comfortable place for patients to gain clarity in talk therapy and elevate its efficacy through EMDR, brain spotting, and other practices alike.

“Cultural traditions and deeply rooted beliefs hinder the expansion of holistic methods,” says Allison. To illustrate her point, she uses a powerful analogy, “When you ski, you know there are certain preset routes that your skis naturally fall into. It’s the same in healthcare. But we’re starting to have more options now that, historically, would’ve been considered ludicrous. It’s exciting to be part of this journey!”

The clinic’s all-encompassing approach bleeds into scheduling practices. When making appointments and connecting patients with specialists, Lotus Psychotherapy ensures clients receive personalized treatment and are assigned a therapist whose specialization is within the realm of client needs. Though it may take longer to receive an appointment, Allison emphasizes that patient retention is much higher.

Currently, a trusted destination for mental health patients in the Annapolis area and beyond, Lotus Psychotherapy blossomed from the mud. As an addiction survivor, Allison was forced to face her fears, fall to the bottom, and regrow. That’s where the name Lotus Psychotherapy comes from, “When I got sober, there was a person in my life who helped me see that from the ugly mud is where we flourish, just like lotus flowers. When the flowers unfold, there are no signs of muck. That’s what we hope to achieve—help patients bloom with grace and resiliency.”

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