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Lead Revamp Pro Launches New Website Offering AI-Fueled Sales and Marketing Solutions

Last updated Monday, May 13, 2024 15:32 ET

Lead Revamp Pro, a company providing accessible and effective sales and marketing solutions, launches a new website.

London, England, 05/13/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Lead Revamp Pro launches a new website promoting AI-driven sales and marketing services to businesses of all sizes. The company has recently refined its offerings to ensure that it provides clients with a full suite of high-touch, tailored solutions. Founder Omolade Ajibade has intentionally leveraged the power of AI to fuel efficiency and keep costs low. With Lead Revamp Pro, businesses can access customized tools that automate critical processes, multiply conversion rates, and build credibility.

Regardless of their size, all businesses spend significant capital on sales and marketing. Whether they’re relying solely on digital tools or have a large sales floor, companies are always looking to improve their closing rates. Making sales isn’t easy. It takes consistent time and effort to build trust before any deal is closed.

Research shows that 60% of prospects say no before finally accepting a proposal and that it can take up to five follow up calls before this happens. However, 48% of salespeople never try to follow up. They commonly struggle to balance existing prospects with new ones being introduced daily. With AI, much of their workflow can be automated, freeing up more time for hands-on lead nurturing.

Lead Revamp Pro is highlighting an opportunity for companies to bolster their sales funnel efficiency through a selection of custom AI bots. The company’s proprietary tools enable businesses to breathe life into old leads that were forgotten for newer, more promising ones.

Lead Revamp Pro is tapping into an overlooked profit pool by reactivating leads through AI-led outreach. Existing customers supply 72% of company revenue, yet sales teams’ are overly focused on bringing in and closing new contacts.

By deploying Lead Revamp Pro’s tool in their ecosystems, businesses can overcome growth plateaus caused by a lack of qualified leads. They can also transform unconverted leads into a healthy profit outlet for their business.

Lead Revamp Pro offers three AI bots designed to serve different organizational needs. Speed to Lead enables companies to instantly contact prospects and build rapport until the salesperson comes to close the deal. Out of Hours works similarly, working overtime to warm prospects even outside of the businesses’ normal hours. Once a prospect is showing enough interest, the bot books them in directly on a salesperson’s calendar. Finally, Lead Revamp Pro also offers a Google Reviews AI bot offering realistic, timely replies to any review on the business's page. While the process is automated, sales teams can hop into the conversation between the lead and the AI at any moment to call leads directly from the app and close the deal.

“Lead Revamp Pro’s new website gives clients a sneak peek into the endless possibilities of AI-driven sales and marketing,” Founder Omolade Ajibade says. “Our custom AI bots can elevate any workflow by engaging old leads, preparing them for sale, and handing them to a human when the deal is ready to close. Lead Revamp Pro’s tools stand out among AI sales strategies because they are tailored to a business’s unique profile and their ideal customer.”

If you’re interested in exploring the power of Lead Revamp Pro’s innovative services, book a call today.

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