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Reiff Diesel Services: A Truck Repair Shop Servicing Chambersburg Enhancing Quality with New Equipment Upgrades

Last updated Tuesday, May 14, 2024 17:03 ET , Source: Reiff Diesel Services

Reiff Diesel Services has enhanced its service capabilities with advanced equipment upgrades and shop renovation.

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Over the past few decades, diesel engines have seen significant advancements, particularly in fuel efficiency, performance, durability, and noise and vibration reduction. Despite these changes, they still require regular maintenance and diagnostics. Reiff Diesel Services, a truck repair shop specializing in diesel engines, has been the go-to team for diesel truck owners in Chambersburg.

Reiff Diesel Services has always explored ways to improve its service delivery. Recently, the shop upgraded its equipment, a strategic investment to improve vehicle safety inspections. Additionally, the new equipment and technology will empower the shop to guarantee that every diesel truck owner receives exceptional customer service.

The upgrades are also instrumental in assisting the company in enhancing specific services, such as repairing Duramax diesel engines. While Duramax trucks are loved for their durability, getting repairs done at a dealership might be overly expensive. Luckily, with the new upgrade at Reiff Diesel Services, owners can expect quality services. The team offers various services, including A/C repairs, belt and filter replacements, brakes, muffler/exhaust, suspension, and fine-tuning for maximum performance.

The diesel truck repair shop has also enhanced its already exceptional repairs of Cummins diesel engines. The team at Reiff Diesel Services is already well-versed in utilizing the new equipment and technology to restore Cummins engines to like-new condition. In addition to the basic repairs, the team conducts thorough driveability diagnosis, repairs diesel injection systems, and addresses suspension issues, among other services.

The new investment will also be advantageous for car owners who drive European diesel cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jeep, Volkswagen, and others. Even though these cars are common on American roads, not enough techs are qualified to work on them.

Thanks to the new equipment and better technology, the technicians can tackle any issue, particularly those frequently encountered with these cars. These may include addressing injector problems, resolving poor engine performance over time, remedying glow plug failures, and addressing timing belt issues.

Reiff Diesel Services also has a team specializing in fleet services and repairs. The shop understands that time is important to fleet operators, so the repairs are fast and high-quality. Additionally, the company helps them with maintenance services, from simple oil changes to more time-consuming and labor-intensive ones. These efforts help avoid downtime and go a long way toward saving more money.

About Reiff Diesel Services

Reiff Diesel Services is an auto repair shop that helps people keep their diesel trucks and cars running smoothly. Their services are available to all clients, especially those with diesel fleet cars, Cummins diesel engines, Duramax trucks, and European vehicles. All this is possible thanks to their investment in advanced technology and equipment and their experienced technicians.

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