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Arxy Virtual Showrooms Transforming Fashion Industry Traditions With Immersive 3D Technology

Last updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 11:32 ET , Source: Arxy Future Lab

Luxembourg start-up, Arxy Virtual Showrooms is reshaping designer-retailer interactions with an immersive 3D platform that makes the global fashion market democratic, cost-efficient, and inclusive.

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Futuristic tech company, Arxy Future Lab has developed Arxy Virtual Showrooms platform that is disrupting stagnant traditions in the fashion industry with digital spaces powered by immersive technology. Founded in 2023 by fashion veteran and self-taught developer, Meng Ji, Arxy is pioneering solutions to historic problems in the industry. By infusing fashion expertise alongside technical knowledge, Arxy has created the world’s first fully immersive, interactive virtual showroom. The company’s technology is poised to evolve designer-retailer interactions and enable small players to penetrate the hyper-competitive fashion market.

Meng Ji has over 11 years of experience in fashion, particularly developing international brands. Over the years, Meng has recognized a gap in the market for emerging fashion designers. As new players launch collections or brands, they struggle to master their identity, distribution networks, and other commercial aspects of fashion. One of the biggest challenges for relatively unknown fashion designers is developing brand identity, storytelling, and most importantly accessing wholesale markets.

High costs, long wait times, and material waste are most commonly what most designers face during development. The pandemic fueled change globally as designers and brands were forced to reimagine their development process with new software. These platforms have also broken down barriers for designers. It has become much easier and more affordable to launch a collection. However, Meng argues that one element is being overlooked. “In 2021, designers started crafting their looks digitally,” Arxy Founder Meng Ji shares. “This transition has gained traction globally, but designers and brands alike are realizing that the industry needs a tool like Arxy Virtual Showroom to make showcasing creations more cost-effective, sustainable, and accessible to emerging designers trying to reach retailers.” Additionally, brands can even have a fully customizable showroom that truly encapsulates their own creative vision and storytelling.

With Arxy Virtual Showrooms, designers can safely sell their products wholesale with less financial burden, a longer sales window, and more connectivity to global retailers. By using the immersive platform available for PC and web, designers can avoid paying high fees with Arxy Virtual Showroom’s costs going as low as 10% comparable to traditional trade shows and physical showrooms. Arxy’s ultra-fidelity technology allows retailers to immerse themselves in a designer's virtual showroom curated to highlight the collection or brand’s unique selling points. Brands can include any form of media and have no limits to utilizing their imaginations to build a unique showroom experience. This can be in the form of a collection showcased on the surface of the moon, a spaceship, a medieval castle, or even a magical space, following the unique fantasies of the creative directors. Brands and retailers can access the room 24/7 at any location.

Arxy provides unparalleled realism for retailers visiting a designer’s virtual showroom. Arxy is an end-to-end solution tailored for the fashion industry. Retailers can view pieces, request material swatches, and purchase an order seamlessly. This approach benefits designers and retailers by keeping costs and waste low and enabling underground talent to enter the spotlight.

Since its launch a few months ago, some of the most prominent international retailers have onboarded Arxy’s platform alongside promising designers. The company is in the process of developing a Mac and VR version of its virtual showrooms. This expansion will help Arxy democratize the fashion industry through cost-efficient and inclusive solutions that solve long-standing issues between designers and retailers.

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