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Kenneth Polsinelli Makes Multifamily Housing More Accessible via Peacock Capital

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Founded by Kenneth Polsinelli, Peacock Capital acquires, refurbishes, and builds multifamily properties in Central Florida, making multifamily housing more attainable.

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Growing up in a blue-collar family, Kenneth Polsinelli found the inspiration to build and develop Peacock Capital, a forward-thinking real estate investment firm focused on acquiring, renovating, building, and operating neighborhood multifamily properties in Central Florida.

Peacock Capital was launched in 2016 and focuses on investing in housing for the growing workforce in Florida. Ken’s journey in real estate started when he worked closely with the CEO of a real estate company, and, seeing Ken’s potential, he encouraged him to join the industry. Ken’s determination to learn about the industry saw his career flourish, enabling him to work across all areas of real estate. “The company was an entrepreneurial firm that was relatively small in the context of public companies, and it allowed me to touch every facet of the real estate business,” Ken says.

Working in various departments like asset management, property operations, leasing apartments, financing, and acquisitions equipped Ken to handle complex matters in different areas of real estate. During this time, Ken was involved in several cutting-edge projects, one of which was the repositioning and renovation of traditional Section Eight housing into a mixed-income community. He then led a project of building a fee management business primarily focused on distressed assets and was tasked to grow that business. The project yielded positive results and the company garnered a stellar reputation in the workout business.

Ken explains that the project allowed the company to grow a platform and be the best at solving difficult problems. “One of the advantages the project gave me was being appointed by the court and being the primary officer for the firm in over 100 receivership opportunities that the company handled at that time. I was able to see different problems that real estate companies are having and we were able to resolve it,” he states, adding that most cases they handled were complicated real estate transactions.

With over 17 years of expertise in the industry, Ken embarked on his own venture in 2016, building Peacock Capital from the ground up. He shares the exposure he received while working in the field and having great mentors from his previous firm strengthened the core values and mission that Peacock Capital adheres to today. “Our mission is to make a difference by building affordable multifamily housing communities for working-class families. We are resident-centered as much as we are there to maintain fiduciary duties to our investors,” he states.

Through this philosophy and business model, Peacock Capital is a perfect example of how putting residents first results in better and more reliable outcomes for everybody along the entire value chain. “When residents can actually afford their rent and want to live in their properties long-term, that's going to produce much more stable cash flows over time, as opposed to a business that’s just trying to time the market or pick the next hot trend,” Ken explains.

Ken’s experiences in real estate showcase how providing multi-family properties for working-class families can create an avenue for people to access affordable and great-quality housing, all while providing long-term stable income for investors. “I’ve always been attracted to workforce housing. I came from a very blue-collar background and I am proud of it. I can relate to the hard-working people who wake up early and work the whole day to provide for their families and this is Peacock Capital’s purpose: to provide affordable and high-quality housing for their families,” Ken says.

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