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Produktif Announces the Ice Box Challenge Coming to Oslo, Norway, in June 2024

Last updated Thursday, May 16, 2024 10:10 ET , Source: Produktif

The Ice Box Challenge in Oslo, Norway, on June 19, 2024, led by Produktif, promises to be an engaging and educational event showcasing the power of energy-efficient building design.

Raufoss, Norway, 05/16/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

The Ice Box Challenge, a contest and experiment showcasing the potential of high-performance building and construction, is set to take place in Oslo, Norway, on June 19, 2024. It has gained attention worldwide, appearing in cities such as Brussels, Seattle, Vancouver, and New York, with Oslo now joining the list. This event is organized by Produktif, a design and technology company based in Raufoss, in conjunction with A2M, a leading architecture agency based in Belgium.

The challenge revolves around two specially constructed boxes—one built to local building requirements and the other to the international Passive House Standard. These boxes are filled with 2,000 pounds of ice each and placed in a central, high-traffic area for approximately a month.

These public installations are meant to endure the elements throughout the challenge, exposed to sunlight, heat, and other weather conditions. They are then opened after the designated period, and the remaining ice is carefully measured. The result reflects each box's effectiveness in keeping out heat, providing insights into energy-efficient building design.

Produktif, co-founded by CEO Rune Kongshaug and COO Kareen Smith, recognizes that sustainability, cooperation, and digitization are three of the dominant trends steering transformation in the sector. As an industry leader, it aims to embrace these to drive innovation and redefine standards. It focuses on modular construction, usage of reclaimed timber, and 100% reuse and tracking of parts throughout their lifecycle to close the accounting cycle and minimize environmental impact.

The design and technology company also champions cooperation, collaborating with stakeholders to initiate information sharing, streamline processes, and contribute to the advancement of the broader industry. Lastly, Produktif leverages modern technology to drive efficiency and sustainability. It enables standardization and customization of building elements to facilitate mass customization and efficient product lifecycle management.

Given this context, the Ice Box Challenge is a unique opportunity for Produktif to demonstrate its innovative construction approach. Raymond Sheen, Chief Engineer & Partner of Produktif, remarks, "Our Ice Box Challenge is different from all past challenges. We introduce a unique approach inspired by our technology-driven startup. We've pioneered a construction method where buildings are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, much like LEGO bricks. This innovation aligns perfectly with the emerging European standard mandating sustainability."

Essentially, Produktif's design techniques prioritize sustainability in both building and dismantling processes, complemented by passive house insulation to ensure sustainable living. The Ice Box Challenge in Oslo serves as a tangible demonstration of the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Produktif invites the community to witness firsthand the future of responsible building practices. It also calls for like-minded organizations as it seeks sponsorships for the event.

In addition to the Ice Box Challenge, it is announced that Sheen will be presenting two studies at the Net Zero Future 2024 Conference. This conference, part of the first International Conference on Net-Zero Built Environment, highlights innovations in materials, structures, and management practices in efforts to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gasses.

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