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The 21st Century Superfood: DromeDairy Naturals’ Mission to Deliver Powdered Camel Milk Globally

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DromeDairy Naturals, founded in 2016 by Michael Cassio, is steadfast in its mission of producing all-natural, powdered camel milk and sharing its benefits with customers worldwide.

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Honoring the 5,000-year-long Middle Eastern legacy, Michael Cassio founded DromeDairy Naturals, one of the world’s leading producers of pasteurized, all-natural powdered camel milk. Since 2016, the company has formed meaningful partnerships that help reduce the product’s cost, making the benefits of camel milk more accessible to people globally.

This nutrient-rich beverage, enjoyed by the Beduins for centuries, is abundant in healthy fats, antioxidants, and other vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, Calcium, and Kalium. Camel milk can easily replace other milk types, including cow, goat, and plant-based alternatives. In addition to health and nutritional aspects, camel milk has the potential to combat rapid climate change. From eradicating the need for air conditioning thanks to camels’ natural ability to regulate temperatures to their higher efficiency in producing dairy, these desert creatures require less feed and water, reducing greenhouse emissions released into the atmosphere.

Though the benefits of camel milk are undeniable, its global adoption is hindered by distribution challenges and relatively high costs, especially in Western regions. Leveraging a partnership with one of the largest and most technologically advanced Middle Eastern camel farms, the UAE-based Al Ain Farms, DromeDairy Naturals can provide high-quality powdered camel milk for a fair price.

Throughout the years, supported by the necessary ISO and HACCP certifications, that partnership has flourished, propelling both companies to grow. Al Ain Farm’s technological acumen and significant size are what enable DromeDairy to provide milk powder at a more affordable price. “Fresh camel milk contains 90% of water. To create powdered milk, our products go through a dehydration process in which the water evaporates. Producing commercial amounts efficiently is possible only because of the Al Ain Farm’s state-of-the-art facility and thousands of camels living on the farm,” explains Michael.

The decision to stray away from fresh camel milk was inspired by Michael’s commitment to fueling global adoption and ensuring safe consumption. Because of a long shelf life of two years, compared to fresh camel milk of 5-10 days, pasteurized and properly packaged powdered camel milk is the safest, easiest, and most affordable way to incorporate camel milk into daily routines. “Will DromeDairy Naturals be more expensive than cow milk? Absolutely. But at the same time, it’s half the price of other camel milk producers and provides more health benefits than cattle dairy,” Michael adds.

In the camel milk industry, though it’s a small field with not many players, competition is high. For DromeDairy Naturals, producing organic 100% camel milk and standing out with its value- and quality-driven approach has always been the main objective. The company’s milk, all-natural powdered goodness with no hormones, antibiotics, additives, gluten, and preservatives, stands as a testament to DromeDairy’s success.

Looking into the future, Michael imagines a world where camel milk continues to improve the environment and people’s health, enticing individuals of all ages with its boundless benefits and broad use cases. Ultimately, DromeDairy Naturals stands at the forefront of this revolution, promising to deliver high-quality powdered milk produced in the land of Arabia, the cradle of camels.

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