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Fred Nzangwa In Full Force to Transform Lives Through Authenticity and Knowledge-Sharing

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Fred Nzangwa, a pedagogue, shares his knowledge through his podcast. His passion extends to his firm, Aeiforia Advisory, focusing on sustainability and ESG solutions, driving positive global change.

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Fred M. Nzangwa is a young man driven by a deep desire for self-improvement and the dissemination of knowledge. Fred’s father, a globe-trotting collector of knowledge, played a significant role in shaping his worldview. “Seeing my dad travel and learn from the best institutions showed me the value of quality education and experiences,” Fred reflects. This background, combined with Fred’s meticulous eye for quality and technological savviness, underpins the success of his widely impactful podcast and a consultancy firm dedicated to sustainable solutions.

This visionary’s foray into the world of podcasts began with his personal development journey. “End of 2021 into 2022 marked a paradigm shift for me,” Fred recalls. He moved his focus from learning about the Western world to listening to podcasts and reading personal development books. This shift in mindset led to a positive change in his life, including increased motivation to work out, improve his knowledge, and improve his relationships with his family. “I started working out, reading extensively on finance and personal growth, and my mindset shifted entirely.”

This transformation birthed the podcast ‘Boldness with Fred & Nthombi,’ co-hosted by Dr. Phanny Nthombi Chikoko, a Senior Resident Medical Officer at a general hospital in Lusaka. The podcast is not just about sharing information; it’s about delivering content that is raw, authentic, and deeply impactful. “I wanted my podcast to be as genuine and intense as those that influenced me, where listeners can feel the sincerity and raw emotions of our guests,” he explains.

Facing challenges and skepticism about sharing knowledge for free, Fred remained steadfast in his mission. “Everything I have done so far, even leading to this, has been a sacrifice out of something I genuinely love - sharing knowledge,” he says. The podcast, self-sponsored and managed entirely by this visionary, has opened numerous doors for him, providing networking opportunities and inviting him into rooms previously inaccessible.

Fred’s drive for quality extends beyond the podcast into his professional endeavors. With eight years of business development experience and a prestigious CIMA qualification, he brings a meticulous eye for quality to everything he does. His background spans management and financial accounting systems, trade finance, sustainable and regenerative finance, investment optimization, and more. Additionally, Fred is a certified holistic financial planner and holds credentials in stockbroking and investment advisory.

The success of the podcast paved the way for Aeiforia Advisory, a consultancy firm focused on sustainability and ESG solutions. “The podcast opened doors I hadn’t imagined, leading to networking opportunities and the creation of Aeiforia Advisory,” Fred states. The firm aims to empower organizations, governments, and communities to embrace sustainability and drive positive global change.

Fred’s advisory firm addresses global challenges while advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting his commitment to sustainability. His expertise in HR procurement, finance, and sectors like energy and mining further positions Aeiforia Advisory as a leader in providing innovative solutions.

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