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The Prison of Power: Where Women Go to Turn Silence into Resistance

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The Prison of Power, an impactful alternate fiction thriller by G. Michael Smith, shifts the narrative of supremacy, painting a world where men have been marginalized and viewed as less than females.

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“Word of advice—fight a little, but not too much. [...]” She pointed to her legs and stomach. They were covered with green and black welts. “This happens when you fight too much.” [...] “Fighting too little means you must like what they do to you. Liking it is the worst sin. You are not allowed to like it, but you must endure it. Don’t ever pretend you like it, or you won’t survive. You will be branded as… God, what is the term they use [...] an evil demon who tries to seduce men to her will.”

In the history of herstory, no man has shattered the status quo as savagely as G. Michael Smith, a white Canadian man with a friendly face and a grey beard who gives voice and power to women; to those raging with wrath, desolate with defeat, and the pure ones, just discovering the numbing reality of living in a man’s world. In The Prison of Power: A Man-Made Tale, in response to a string of cold-blooded attacks on women and the massacre of 2034, women turned their muffled calls for help into an absolute war, depriving men of political stances, deeming them nefarious, and creating a new world order, kept within boundaries by FEMPOL, an all-female police force.

In this dystopian future devoid of wars, weapons with the sole purpose of killing, nuclear powers, and world hunger, femininity is celebrated, women are thriving in the workforce, dominating politics, and, well, living without fear. In this future, where the planet is healing and healthcare is free, some men rebel against the obvious—women turned the world into a better place. When these defiant men kidnap, rape, and kill females under the guise of biblical laws, FEMPOL will make sure the infected appendix—all men—are treated as ruthlessly as they treated women for decades. Most succumb, some die, and others… wait for the right time to fight back, slowly growing in strength under the cover of the shadows.

In this world that tumbles and burns yet is so similar to the one that was before, we follow the stories of six characters as they self-reflect, change sides, hold onto hatred, find themselves again, face past demons, and explore the essence of evil. What happens when a girl born into the new order or the world befriends a naive boy simply trying to survive? How will this eternal battle of Venus vs Mars end? How many innocent men and women will die? Who will end up winning, and who will end up back in The Prison of Power?

By gazing into the broken mirror and using the art of storytelling, Smith muses these and more essential questions to portray the true reflection of reality. As someone who grew up surrounded by independent women vocal about the injustice of the world, he has always been watching their struggles through the privileged lens, now determined to amplify the voices of the oppressed.

What ultimately inspired the storyline was a simple question: If all the fiery women in Gerald’s life had real power, would the reversal of “The Handmaid’s Tale” turn into reality? “The answer might very well be yes,” recollects Smith. The idea grew from there, morphing into a weighty narrative inked throughout 441 pages of the captivating, vivid, raw, and emotional novel.

Dedicated to authenticity, he crafted a graphic, gut-wrenching opening, setting the stage for the burdensome tone of The Prison of Power. Despite controversy and polarizing opinions, Smith remained unfiltered in his story, touching many heartstrings through disgust, fear, and sheer anger. With a trigger warning segueing into the first words of bleakness, he ensures no one delves into the book unsuspectingly, caught off guard by the violence that will spark negative and/or destructive emotions.

G. Michael Smith, born and raised in Vancouver Island, has dreamt of a writing career since his adolescent years. Now, with significant literary achievements, he is dedicated to shedding light on societal issues permeating the world, offering a unique perspective that is potent, intentional, and respectful.

The Prison of Power, Smith’s opus magnum, published by Indie Own Press in 2022, is exactly what you want any book to be—a profound journey through one’s layers, unlocking a new realm of understanding and self-discovery. One of many 5/5 star reviews says:

It is the kind of writing that engrosses the reader from the very first sentence of the book to its last. I can't imagine anything that could have been added or taken away from the book that would have made it better.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking, emotional, fast-paced adventures that cause the heart to beat a little quicker! If intensity is your thing, then put on your seat belt and pick up The Prison of Power—it’s a wild ride!

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