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From Silent Struggles to Pop Rock Stardom: The Rise of CyberBully

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Cyberbully, a pop rock artist, shares Cyber’s story, and aims to leave an indelible mark as a multi-faceted entertainer, bringing joy, laughter, and dance to an audience.

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In the kaleidoscopic world of pop rock, few figures are as electrifying and unique as Cyberbully. Born in Saudi Arabia, and with numerous challenges that left Cyber completely insecure and isolated, this vibrant artist has transformed its vulnerabilities into a powerhouse of creativity. Cyber’s music, characterized by groovy beats and a pop-rock vibe, is a testament to its resilience and indomitable spirit.

Hey I’m cyberbully. I stay in all black but I stay truancy! - Cyberbully

Growing up, Cyberbully faced numerous hurdles. Cyber was born with a speech impediment and poor eyesight, which required the use of glasses from a very young age. These issues, coupled with other health problems, made Cyber the target of bullying. “I had a very hard time - my hair started to get bad. I was born with a lot of disadvantages,” Cyberbully recalls. Despite these challenges, Cyber found solace and expression in drawing and poetry, hobbies that would influence its artistic persona.

Cyberbully’s journey into music began in an unconventional way. A neighbor’s church drum practice introduced Cyber to the world of beats, which soon became a part of its identity. “The beat brought out my character,” Cyber says. Encouraged by friends who playfully picked on Cyber’s differences through social media, Cyberbully decided to channel its creativity into music. “I was already making content, but not for the things I actually liked. So I switched to making music because I love beats and writing for people.”

Cyberbully’s music style, a blend of pop and rock, aims to not only deliver a message but to evoke a feeling - a groovy, sassy sensation that makes people want to dance. Its first song ‘Cyberbully Intro’ is particularly significant, encapsulating Cyberbully’s creative style journey and the persona it has crafted.

While music is Cyberbully’s primary focus, Cyber’s talents extend beyond the auditory. Cyberbully is an avid cartoonist, inspired by the characters in ‘Tarzan,’ and harbors dreams of breaking into the world of animation. “I wanted to be one of the characters from Nickelodeon,” Cyber shares. This passion for animation, robotics, and gaming influences Cyber’s performances, which are envisioned to include holographic elements that interact with the audience.

Cyberbully has made significant strides in music. With several shows under Cyber’s belt and a burgeoning online presence, including ‘Fredo Bang Rick Ross’ who gave Cyber its first opening act performance. Cyberbully’s next major project is the release of a new single - None Driving Ass Driver - accompanied by a music video it hopes to produce with Vevo. “It is a funny, hip-hop-friendly track about pushing something heavy without actually driving,” Cyberbully explains.

Looking ahead, this artist dreams of headlining its own concerts, complete with a team of backup dancers Cyberbully would like to call Bubblegum Baby (BGB). Cyberbully aims to create immersive experiences for fans, blending its love for music, dance, animation, and technology. “I want my concerts to be an immersive experience,” Cyber envisions. “Holographic image characters jumping out at you, making it feel like you're part of the show.”

To those aspiring to follow the footsteps of Cyberbully or any musician, Cyber offers sage advice, “Start young. I wish I had started when I was 10 years old. Relationships and family generally affect and complicate things as you get older, especially with constant traveling.”

This music artist’s ultimate goal is to leave an indelible mark in the world, not just as a musician but as a multi-faceted entertainer who brings joy, laughter, and dance to an audience. “I want to be remembered for my unique performances and the fun, groovy feeling my music gives people.” With Cyber’s new single on the horizon, one should definitely follow Cyberbully’s journey on Instagram and YouTube.

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