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Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood Introduces Premier Men’s Health Clinic

Last updated Tuesday, June 25, 2024 20:57 ET , Source: Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood

The New Clinic Offers Advanced Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Wellness Services.

Jacksonville, FL, 06/25/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Gameday Men’s Health is excited to announce the official opening of its newest clinic in Lakewood, FL. Headquartered at 2916 University Blvd W Suite 101, the clinic specializes in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), erectile dysfunction therapy (ED), and weight loss treatments. Its primary goal is to assist men in restoring their health and vitality through customized, effective medical interventions.

The grand opening of Gameday Men’s Health’s new clinic is an essential milestone for the company as it expands its footprint to serve the Lakewood community. Designed with comfort in mind, the clinic offers an inviting environment where male patients can feel comfortable and relaxed. The men-only facility features flat-screen TVs, overstuffed chairs, and complimentary refreshments. Additionally, the clinic has an on-site laboratory, which can provide results within 15 minutes.

Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood is a trusted clinic that optimizes health and wellness through personalized treatments.
Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood

“We are excited to bring Gameday’s world-class services to the Lakewood area,” said the clinic’s spokesperson. “Our team of licensed medical professionals is dedicated to providing customized treatment plans with compassion, thoughtfulness, and care. We look forward to helping the Lakewood community optimize their health so they can return to enjoying their lives and feeling their best.”

Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood specializes in testosterone replacement therapy, using 100% bioidentical testosterone for natural and consistent results. The clinic also provides semaglutide weight loss injections, which can lead to significant weight reduction when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

Furthermore, the clinic offers shockwave therapy, a non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction that stimulates blood flow and tissue repair. For sustained hormonal balance, hormone pellet therapy involves inserting small pellets under the skin for a steady release of hormones. Clomid is also available, which is prescribed to stimulate natural testosterone production in men and improve fertility. To boost energy levels and support overall health, the clinic provides vitamin B12 injections, while human growth hormone (HGH) therapy is offered to increase muscular mass and enhance overall vitality.

The treatments at Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood vary in length. For instance, testosterone replacement therapy and hormone pellet therapy typically require regular follow-ups, while shockwave therapy may need several sessions over a few weeks. Patients should avoid alcohol and certain medications during treatment periods to achieve the best results and minimize side effects. Male patients undergoing the aforementioned treatments are advised to consult the TRT clinic’s licensed medical professionals for more guidance.

Patient safety and straightforward communication are top priorities at Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood. To establish if a patient can receive TRT, the clinic performs comprehensive blood testing, thorough examinations, and in-depth talks about their past medical conditions. Patients who meet the qualifications are informed about the treatment’s possible benefits and risk factors.

Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood aims to create a welcoming environment where men receive first-rate care. Its dedication to patient-centered service and cutting-edge treatments makes it a valuable addition to the Lakewood community.

For more information about the TRT clinic and to explore its full range of services, visit https://gamedaymenshealth.com/lakewood/.

About Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood

Gameday Men’s Health Lakewood is a trusted clinic that optimizes health and wellness through personalized treatments. With the mission to help men regain their vitality and confidence, it offers a range of services, including testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction treatment, weight loss programs, and vitamin therapy. Focusing on patient safety, comfort, and exceptional care, Gameday Men’s Health has become a leader in men’s health services.


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