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Pro Terra Agro Stands Tall Empowering Farmers and Sustainable Practices, One Step at a Time

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Pro Terra Agro, led by Lieselot Van Der Veken, PhD, promotes sustainable farming practices in the agricultural sector, bridging the gap between ecological principles and practical farming.

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Pro Terra Agro, with its evocative tagline - Farmers Empowered By Nature - is making waves in the agricultural sector by championing sustainable farming practices. This company is under the belt of a visionary leader, Lieselot Van Der Veken, whose lifelong passion for environmental sustainability has driven her to bridge the gap between ecological principles and practical farming.

Lieselot’s journey into this field of agronomics began with early involvement in biological control. Her academic background, including a Master’s in Biology and Ecology, Tropical Agronomy, and a Business Sustainability Management from the Cambridge Institute, laid the foundation for her career. Early on, she was deeply concerned about the environmental impact of conventional farming practices and sought ways to produce food without compromising the planet’s health.

“I was always active in the biological control sector, offering sustainable solutions for horticulture and agriculture,” Lieselot recalls. “My studies in ecology and my passion for climate change issues from a young age led me to explore how to grow food sustainably, integrating ecological principles with food production.”

Lieselot’s research emphasizes the significant role agriculture plays in climate change, with conventional methods contributing to approximately thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Pro Terra Agro’s mission is rooted in understanding farmers’ challenges and leveraging nature to enhance cropping systems. Lieselot emphasizes that their goal is not to overhaul farming practices entirely but to evolve them incrementally. “Farmers need breathing space,” she explains. “It’s not about fighting the current system but about implementing better practices that work with nature.”

Their services include diagnostics for growers’ problems, developing sustainable solutions such as growth promotion inoculants, biofertilizers, biological crop protection, integrated pest management (IPM), and agroecological practices. They also engage in public affairs and lobbying, raising awareness among stakeholders in the food value chain and policymakers to facilitate the development of regenerative agricultural systems.

A key aspect of this company’s approach is working directly with farmers on pilot projects. One notable project focused on banana cultivation for about seven years, demonstrating the effectiveness of nature-based solutions. “Soil should be viewed as the living skin covering the planet, not a dead, dusty substance,” Lieselot asserts, highlighting the importance of healthy soil in regenerative farming.

Pro Terra Agro stands out for its unbiased and collaborative approach. Lieselot describes herself as a transition coach, guiding farmers through gradual changes, one step at a time. “There are very few independent agriculture consultants not associated with the chemicals industry,” she observes. “Our approach is to understand farmers’ practices and offer nature-based solutions without judgment.”

In essence, Pro Terra Agro is taking charge of creating a sustainable future for agriculture by caring for the planet, people, and future generations. By engaging with farmers and stakeholders, they strive to develop resilient cropping systems that produce healthier food while safeguarding the environment. Their vision for the future involves a global network of knowledge centers dedicated to sustainable production methods.

Lieselot’s passion and dedication, driving through the company Pro Terra Agro, to empower farmers through nature, fostering a sustainable and just world for all.

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