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Hatfield Solutions Redefining Commodity Brokerage with Authenticity and Ethical Business Practices

Last updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 11:43 ET , Source: Ngozi Nzekwue

Hatfield Solutions is a leading commodity solutions company that specializes in international trade, project financing, and business consulting.

London, England, 06/27/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Founded in 2020, Hatfield Solutions Limited has quickly established itself as a leader in the commodity solutions industry. This London-based company, co-founded by Ngozi Nzekwue, utilizes a robust global network to help clients access essential resources. Specializing in international trade, project financing, and business consulting, Hatfield Solutions serves both the public and private sectors, delivering scalable and bespoke commodity services.

The company’s services initially focused on metals and stones, grains and fertilizers, and Arabica coffee. However, the company is now pivoting towards consultancy, an organic shift driven by market demand and strategic foresight. Their consultancy services have already secured significant mandates, including a notable oil and gas mandate for Nigeria’s Free Zone Authority, aimed at attracting investors and technical partners to bolster the region’s infrastructure and economy.

The genesis of Hatfield Solutions is in Ngozi’s strong legal background and a pivotal moment during the COVID-19 pandemic. While assisting a client in sourcing PPE buyers, Ngozi recognized the potential to leverage her extensive legal and client networks to meet global resource needs. This realization, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit inspired by her father, led Ngozi and her brother to establish Hatfield Solutions.

One of the key challenges in the commodity brokerage industry is the deceptiveness of deals to benefit intermediaries rather than the principal parties, such as buyers and sellers. Hatfield Solutions aims to change this by being transparent and reducing the number of intermediaries involved in transactions. This approach ensures that the power is given back to those who have the resources and that deals are made in the best interest of the principals.

Hatfield’s core mission is to challenge and change the stereotypes associated with African businesses. By acting as a bridge between Western countries and African enterprises, the company aims to facilitate better access to resources while supporting the growth of African businesses on the global stage. “We’re committed to giving power back to those who actually have the resources,” says Ngozi. Their boots-on-the-ground approach allows them to effectively manage operations and maintain a high level of transparency and ethical standards.

Looking ahead, Hatfield Solutions aims to expand its consultancy services, driven by organic growth and strategic opportunities. The company’s recent mandate in Nigeria exemplifies this focus, as they work to bring investors and technical partners to key regions. The company aspires to become a project owner rather than merely securing investors, leveraging its expertise to drive impactful and profitable ventures.

“Quality and ethical conduct are non-negotiable at Hatfield Solutions,” Ngozi asserts. The company aims to transition from securing investors to becoming project owners, thereby exerting greater control over project quality and outcomes. Corporate social responsibility is a foundational aspect of their business philosophy, as they strive to make a tangible impact beyond mere profit generation.

By prioritizing transparency, reducing intermediary influence, and empowering resource owners, Hatfield Solutions is setting a new standard in the commodity brokerage industry. As they continue to grow and expand their influence, the company remains dedicated to fostering sustainable and equitable international trade.

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