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Venicem Founders Massimo Tonetto and Melissa Lunardi Redefine Furnishings with Cultural Craftsmanship

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Venicem, a globally recognized lighting and furnishing company, has made an indelible mark on the industry thanks to the leadership of its inventive founders.

Venice, Italy, 06/27/2024 / SubmitMyPR /

Every piece of matter is inherently beautiful, but these qualities are commonly hidden under the surface. Through noble artisanal processes, even the most unassuming natural elements can transform into bold, yet traditional creations that elevate a space. Venicem, an Italian producer of timeless lamps and furniture, is intimately familiar with the sacred process of turning matter into beautiful pieces of functional art. The company’s founders, Massimo Tonetto and Melissa Lunardi, have made it their mission to continuously develop striking pieces for every home. By leveraging years of stylistic research and their shared Venetian heritage, the pair is reshaping the idea of luxury, comfort, and beauty.


Venicem was founded in 2013 after Massimo and Melissa were determined to introduce something new to the lighting and furnishing space. Both visionaries had decades of expertise in these realms but felt that a new player was required for innovation to be born. Massimo, a gifted contemporary designer and owner of a lighting company, believed that fresh pieces could be produced by fusing traditional and emerging styles into one. Melissa was excited to explore this idea. She had built a reputation in the lighting and glass industry for promoting artisanal creations in a sea of mass-produced products. Together, the pair built the foundation for Venicem on their love for Italian artistry and the desire to bring character into every space.

“At Venicem, we are doing something very different from competitors,” co-founder Melissa Lunardi says. “We have blended the cultural richness of Venetian influences with contemporary design. We take an experimental approach to everything we create, allowing us to produce truly one-of-a-kind collections. This exclusivity and dedication to artistry is the biggest reason why Venicem fixtures and furnishings always stand out.”

Venicem’s expressive collections range from ceiling, floor, and suspension lighting to other essential items like storage units and tables. Every piece is meticulously crafted by hand and fosters intimate personal spaces for reflection and celebration. Precious metals are a material of choice for Venicem due to their regality and resilience. Copper, bronze, délabré burnished brass are some of the metals that are instrumental in the creation of the company’s sleek and minimalistic furnishings.


The company’s careful eye for propagating luxurious lamps and furnishings cultivates an internal culture of excellence, artistic exuberance, and patience. These traits are present in all departments, including client servicing. While Venicem offers curated collections, the company is always ready to develop custom pieces tailored to an individual’s unique desires. Whether purchasing an item from the collection catalog or requesting custom designs, Venicem works tirelessly to provide clients with a seamless, enjoyable experience.

In the next decade, Venicem plans to have a more established global footprint. The company will have flagship stores in the most international cities, bringing beauty and functionality wherever its products go.

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