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Waka Africa Leads the Charge in Climate Action while Championing Mental Health

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Waka Africa, led by Meshack Nzioka, is tackling climate change and mental health issues through innovative approaches.

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Waka Africa, a forward-thinking non-profit organization, is making strides by addressing the two most pressing issues of today: climate change and mental health. Led by Meshack Nzioka, a public policy expert, entrepreneur, and social change activist, the organization is leveraging innovative approaches to foster resilience and promote inclusive solutions. “As an Economist and Statistics graduate, I had the realization that there is a need to address the climate issues from the vantage point of economics,” he states adding, “So for me, climate became an economic issue rather than just a planetary concern.”

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Meshack is at the forefront of Waka Africa’s climate initiatives. “We are a solutions, development-oriented organization. Our focus is on addressing climate inequality, particularly among indigenous groups and local communities,” he says. This approach is currently being used in the creation of conservancies and the implementation of climate finance practices in partnership with the International Financial Corporation (IFC).

The founder proudly shares, “We have successfully onboarded two major projects, generating six million carbon credits.” This innovative approach addresses environmental issues while fostering economic benefits for local communities. By raising awareness about carbon finance at the county level, Waka Africa is ensuring that climate solutions are rooted in grassroots participation and benefit the most vulnerable populations.

Recognizing the vast underrepresentation of youth in mental health solutions, the Waka Africa founder is also advocating mental health. “Almost everyone experiences mental health issues,” Meshack notes. To address this, Waka Africa is developing AI-powered tools that allow individuals to manage their mental health. These tools will enable users to journal their experiences and receive tailored recommendations, with the option to seek professional help, if needed. This innovative approach is part of a broader effort to integrate mental health support into everyday life, making it accessible and relevant to the younger, tech-savvy generation.

Waka Africa recognizes the direct influence of climate change on mental health. Meshack cites examples from Kenya, where farmers and low-income individuals suffer from the mental health impacts of prolonged droughts and flooding. This intersectionality drives the organization’s comprehensive approach, combining climate action with mental health advocacy to address both planetary and social crises. By combining mental health and climate action, Waka Africa is addressing the intertwined crises affecting communities in Kenya and beyond.

Waka Africa’s model sets it apart from other organizations. By integrating climate action and mental health advocacy, they address the intersectionality of these issues. The organization collaborates with local communities, schools, and existing NGOs to implement their initiatives effectively. Waka Africa’s lean startup model and focus on creating practical, scalable solutions ensure that they remain connected to grassroots needs while influencing broader policy changes.

The non-profit’s efforts are also aligned with global climate action initiatives, such as COP28 resolution of Loss and Damage Fund. These initiatives focus on addressing the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations, biodiversity loss, and social distress.

While Waka Africa is currently focused on Kenya, the organization has ambitious plans for expansion across South Africa, and evidently beyond. With the establishment of the Waka Power Labs, it is developing scalable solutions that can be replicated across Africa. This includes the Waka Gram initiative, which democratizes climate finance and amplifies the voices of underserved communities; and Waka Sanity Digital, which provides quick and efficient access to mental health support. Meshack further envisions replicating these innovative solutions in other countries, facilitated by the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and partnerships with global entities like the Community Carbon Network.

‘Think Global, Act Local’ is Meshack’s guiding principle. As Waka Africa continues to grow, Meshack Nzioka aims to broaden its reach and deepen its impact, boosting sustainable development and resilience in the face of climate and social crises.

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