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Discover the Future of Small Business Marketing Success with Built by Love

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Learn more about the human-centered approach and the marketing operating system

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Daniel Bussius

The landscape of small business marketing is undergoing a seismic shift. Gone are the days of relying solely on generic flyers or mass media blasts. Today's customers crave human-centered experiences, and small businesses that can deliver them will be the ones to thrive. But this doesn't mean ditching technology altogether. In fact, the future of small business marketing success lies at the intersection of human connection and a powerful marketing operation system. Daniel Bussius discusses this phenomenon further in his book titled "Marketing Built by Love."

Marketing Built by Love uncovers the truth behind why small business marketing is rigged to fail and provides a step-by-step plan for creating customer experiences that lead to record growth and profits. Through this book Bussius teaches readers how to harness neuroscience, the five scientific stages of human relationship development and the critical touchpoints of a buyer's journey to create long last marketing success by installing a foundational marketing operating system into their business.

In Bussius's perspective, marketing that works for today’s consumer must be based on how humans process information and develop relationships. It’s the only fundamental constant in an ever-changing world of competition, communication, and technology. Yet, the majority of businesses struggle to see results not because their products, pricing, or promotion is wrong, but because they are using outdated strategies.

"With a 65% failure rate, small businesses often falter due to cashflow issues, not product or operations issues. The key issue is insufficient marketing, essential for customer acquisition. If a business cannot attract new customers, they will not have sales. Rapid changes in marketing and technology add to the challenge. Hence, integrating a marketing operating system is crucial. This book empowers readers with this knowledge, enhancing their chances of sustained success," Bussius shared.

So, how does a human-centered approach and marketing operating system go together?

In today's digital age, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. To cut through the noise and truly connect, small businesses need to prioritize the human element. This means understanding the target audience's needs, wants, and pain points. It's about creating personalized interactions that resonate on a deeper level. Unlike large corporations, small businesses can leverage the power of personal interaction to foster customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

On the other hand, having a marketing operating system offers incredible power for small businesses. Basically, it functions as a centralized platform that integrates all marketing tools and data in one place. It can allow its users to automate repetitive tasks, gain data-driven insights, and measure campaign performance.

By embracing both data-driven insights and authentic human interaction, small businesses can build stronger customer relationships, foster brand loyalty, and achieve sustainable growth.

All of this information and even more can be found in Marketing Built by Love. No wonder it has already earned two esteemed publishing awards this year. To get a copy, it is available in-stores nationwide at Barnes and Nobles retailers, online at Target.com, Amazon, and other online book platforms.

For more details about Bussius's book, visit https://marketingbuiltbylove.com/. Also visit their website at http://www.builtbylove.com/ to know more about their marketing services.

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