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Entrepreneur Mathurin Blaise Is Pursuing the American Dream via E-Commerce Venture BMath Investor Store

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Since moving to the US from Haiti in 2007, Mathurin Blaise has established multiple businesses, including BMath Investor Store, to help him and his family gain better lives in their new home.

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For many decades, the American Dream, which the United States gives everyone freedom, equality, and the opportunity to move up in life through one’s own effort, has attracted people from all over the world to the country’s shores. One of them is Mathurin Blaise, founder of the e-commerce business BMath Investor Store, who moved to the US in search of a better life.

Born in St. Marc, Haiti, Blaise studied communications and worked as a journalist. In 2007, he left his home country amid economic and social unrest for Florida, to start anew with his family. Eventually, they relocated to Massachusetts, but, after more than a decade, returned to Florida. According to Blaise, he preferred Florida’s tropical weather and the presence of a sizable Haitian-American community.

After moving to the US, Blaise started multiple businesses, recognizing that an entrepreneurial spirit is key to realizing the American Dream. He is a notary signing agent and owns an independent living facility, helping elderly people live comfortably while maintaining a level of freedom that they were used to when they were younger.

Later on, Blaise saw the rapid growth of e-commerce and how it has the potential to improve lives via convenience and increased profitability. This encouraged him to found BMath Investor Store, which provides premium and luxurious fashion items and household goods straight to customers’ doorsteps. BMath Investor Store has a comprehensive catalog that contains a large variety of goods, including watches, jewelry, household items, toys, fashion accessories, and consumer electronics. Blaise is constantly testing new products and adding them to the collection, ensuring that there’s always something new in store for everyone. As an entrepreneur, Blaise places huge emphasis on earning customer loyalty, with free shipping and returns, as well as flexible payment options, helping drive repeat business.

According to Blaise, he saw that owning an e-commerce business can be more liberating and less labor-intensive compared to a brick-and-mortar store, which he used to own in the past. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, he is able to balance the needs of his different businesses while spending more time with his family.

Blaise also shares how his faith has helped him navigate the different challenges in life and business, and how it keeps him going.

“I believe that to succeed, you have to trust God and try your best. You have to decide to do something and pray about it, and He will guide you to the right path,” Blaise says. “Seventeen years since moving to the US, and pursuing the American Dream, I can say that I'm blessed. I don't have any sickness so I have the time and energy to work at my businesses. I have a house and a loving family – my wife and our three children – and I'm grateful for everything.”

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