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Taking Your Power Back: How Corporate America Can Transmute Anxiety with Pragmatic Spiritual Tools

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Anxiety is the leading condition American adults face today. Businesses can facilitate the improved health and well-being of their staff by integrating spiritual tools for healing.

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Corporate America is a driver of economic growth, but anxiety among the nation’s workforce has become a major concern. Recent research shows that 79% of

1,501 employees surveyed reported experiencing work-related stress a month before participation. Three in five noted that these negative feelings caused a lack of interest, motivation, and energy in the office.

The reason a person may develop or experience anxiety is deeply subjective and often stems from their childhood, personal relationships, and other factors. However, many experts are now suggesting society is experiencing collective trauma in the post-pandemic era. Forced isolation was necessary to combat infection rates, but people of all ages experienced elevated levels of loneliness. While society has regained a new normal in the past few years, geopolitical pressures, an increase in violence globally, and economic instability have all taken a toll on the world’s mental health. These stressors have been ongoing, causing significant issues in a person’s daily life. Anxiety is now the top concern for American workers, topping depression, stress, and interpersonal strife. Businesses have felt the impact of this change too. Health-related leaves of absence have risen 300% since 2017. This erodes a company’s bottom line performance and highlights a need for more effective, accessible corporate wellness programs.

Yet, people are left to manage their problems alone. They struggle to find affordable, quality mental health care and have little time or knowledge of how to create a self-care routine. Terrie Huberman, a talented healer and teacher, uses her experience in corporate America to offer businesses bespoke frameworks for inspiring their staff to reach their full potential.

Terrie Huberman, Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Prior to beginning her spiritual journey of self-exploration, Terrie was a media and advertising professional, overseeing collaborations between several teams. The corporate environment was draining for her highly sensitive personality, but she found unique ways to manage stress and anxiety. It's through these personal experiences and her years of working one-on-one with emotionally sensitive people that she gleaned her insights.

“When I was working in corporate America, I dealt with stressors through comedy,” says Terrie. “I have a background in improv and that was a comfortable way for me to move through negative emotions. However, as the pressure built and my emotions were not being released fully, I recognized the need for more soul searching. I completed some formal spiritual training and have now developed three pillars with practical, science-based concepts to the biggest anxiety triggers an employee faces today.”

Terrie’s first pillar is grounded in self-awareness. By taking time to understand their deepest desires and negative patterns, a person can discover their true purpose. They will sift through societal programming to find what lights up their heart and soul. Businesses that help their employees know themselves better will see an uptick in engagement and satisfaction.

The second pillar is about reflection and acceptance of the human experience. Everyone faces challenges, but by understanding how energy operates, they can protect themselves from burnout and other mental health setbacks. Terrie’s guidance is very important in this step because she educates clients about quantum mechanics and scientific research explaining how energy affects the human body. Armed with this knowledge, businesses and their staff can overcome negative emotions and embrace neutrality. Observing emotions and overcoming impulsivity unlocks better more self-serving opportunities. For businesses, this may cause employees to be more innovative and creative about meeting organizational goals.

Lastly, the third pillar teaches implementation. It takes the anecdotes of the previous stages and fuses them with universal concepts like cause and effect and karma. These ‘laws’ of the universe are avenues for clients to practice their newly learned skills in practical settings.

Due to skyrocketing negative employee mental health, businesses are embracing newer, more out-of-the-box strategies. This transition is gaining momentum as more research is released on the effectiveness of mindfulness and spiritual practices. For example, it has been shown that meditation can limit cortisol production by 25%, and heart coherence – the practice of aligning the heart, mind, and emotions – enhances connection and cognitive function. As the journey to a healthier, more mindful corporate American ensues, Terrie hopes to see continuous improvement in employee resource programs.

“Using tools like meditation, heart tapping, and box breathing to settle anxiety during work can increase emotional resilience, mental clarity, and self-confidence,” Terrie says. “These actionable practices also encourage individuals to become creators of their reality, not victims of circumstance.”

By the end of the year, Terrie hopes to release a book detailing her Heart Hug Method for tapping into the energy of love. She is also planning to offer group workshops and speaking opportunities to corporate clients she avails.

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