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It Takes A Community To Raise A Child Announced Plans for Expansion, Introducing a Funding Initiative

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Founded by Susan Samuel, Educator, and Childcare Specialist, It Takes A Community To Raise A Child helps parents raise and educate children. With plans to open a new facility, Susan calls for funding.

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Blessings come with responsibility, and raising a child is no different. Guiding curious kids through their journey of becoming productive, all-rounded members of society takes more than loving parents, says Susan Samuel, founder of It Takes A Community To Raise A Child. According to the educator and childcare specialist with over 35 years of experience, the community plays a vital role in youth development.

Inspired by the African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ Susan created It Takes A Community To Raise A Child, the only early development learning center working around the clock every day of the year in New York City. The organization’s core lies in meaningful partnerships with administrators, teachers, and parents, believing a collaborative effort between those committed to educating the next generation is the only productive way of teaching children.

“Parents will always be the most important educators, but providing positive influences in all areas of children’s lives, especially in the childcare department, is crucial,” adds Susan. “It Takes A Community To Raise A Child realizes the difficulties parents face daily, hoping to ease the challenges through profound cooperation.”

A beautiful fusion of Susan’s expertise and her passion for modern-day childcare, It Takes A Community To Raise A Child was founded with one mission—to propel children’s development through innovative methods. The decision to open It Takes A Community To Raise A Child wasn’t a mere whim or accident. For Susan, it represented the culmination of her life’s work and efforts, along with her own need to have a break. Opening a gateway to fulfill her meaningful mission, “For the city that doesn't sleep, why should your childcare sleep?”

Choosing competent learning facilities is one of the most life-defining choices awaiting parents. With a Bachelor's in Psychology with a Minor in Concentration Education, Susan has been preparing for the role of an educator most of her life. Additionally, she has a Master of Science in Special Education, a Post Graduate Degree in School Administration Supervision, and four permanent teaching New York state certifications. Susan is currently undertaking a doctoral program in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Special Education. While certificates and education aren’t all it takes, Susan’s comprehensive knowledge, in addition to her unwavering passion, ensures children are educated, not just supervised.

“Most people don’t think of the academic aspect of childcare. Yes, extensive education comes later in life, but there’s tremendous value in stimulating children’s critical thinking and practical skills from a very young age. It Takes A Community To Raise A Child is an early learning childcare center, transcending mere babysitting,” Susan adds.

It Takes A Community To Raise A Child is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization established to bridge the gap between extensive children's needs and current childcare systems. The not-for-profit relies on the personal resources of the team and funding from investors wishing to contribute to a better childcare future. Currently, Susan is working on opening a new childcare facility, furnishing it, and offering services to more families. “We found the perfect venue, a brand-new building created specifically for childcare purposes. The monthly rental cost is as high as $15,000, and we need funding,” emphasizes Susan. Additionally, It Takes A Community To Raise A Child is working on purchasing a van that would enable transportation for children.

Opening the new facility would not only improve the lives of New Yorker families but also create new job opportunities. “We’d be creating 50 job positions in the community. It’s not just for the families. Everybody benefits,” adds Susan. “It’s not just children we want to take care of - it’s the parents, the workers, and the whole community.”

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