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Ei! Migration: Your Gateway to a New Life in Portugal

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Ei! Migration simplifies the complex process of moving to Portugal, a top destination known for its safety, culture, and quality of life.

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Portugal has become one of the most sought-after destinations for individuals and families looking to relocate—and for good reason. Besides its picturesque landscapes, temperate climate, and stunning beaches, its blend of safety, cultural richness, and quality of life makes it an ideal place to live.

Culturally, Portugal is rich and diverse. Its architecture, museums, and festivals display the region’s historical heritage. Beyond the three F’s (Fado, Futbol, Fatima) that it’s known for, it boasts a vibrant cultural scene, fresh seafood, fine wines, and exquisite traditional dishes. Moreover, the country offers a high quality of life at a relatively low cost, as seen in its healthcare system. Similarly, its public schools provide free and quality education, ensuring children receive a solid academic foundation.

However, relocating to Portugal can be complicated, especially with the modifications in migration policies following the recent political changes in the country. The new government has tightened migration rules, making it more challenging to obtain residency permits. Previously, individuals could arrive as tourists and apply for residency after securing a job. Now, a visa is required beforehand, and assistance from experts has never been more valuable.

Ei! Migration steps in to simplify the process for individuals seeking to transition to Portugal. It offers comprehensive services, such as handling visa applications and relocations. “We handle everything from A to Z,” says Founder and CEO Gilda Pereira. “In addition to managing visa applications and residency permits, we cover tax residency changes, assistance with tax consultants, and finding properties to buy or rent. We can also assist with school selection, enrollment, and even pet transportation.”

The company caters to a broad clientele. Residents from the United Kingdom often seek Portugal for its mild climate, desiring to escape the dreary weather at home. On the other hand, Americans are drawn by the affordable healthcare and political environment, while Canadians appreciate the higher quality of life afforded by their pensions in Portugal. South Africans are motivated by safety concerns, as Portugal offers a significantly more secure environment. Regardless of reason and purpose, Portugal stands out as an attractive destination, and Ei! Migration is a reliable partner for those thrilled to do the shift.

Its impact is apparent in its impressive statistics. The company has been leading the charge for over 10 years, having a 98% success rate on visa applications, and assisting over 10,000 clients from more than 46 nationalities, including Brazil, China, the U.S., and Australia. Ei! Migration has also reunited over 2,500 families, holding their hands through a smooth transition to their new life in Portugal.

“Most of our clients quickly feel at home here, which is really important when choosing a new country to live in. The Portuguese neighbors are very welcoming and inclusive. They never let anyone spend holidays alone and often bring traditional Portuguese sweets and bakery items. Many of our clients who have lived in other foreign countries say it’s much easier to make friends with Portuguese people than with natives in other countries,” shares the founder.

Ultimately, Ei! Migration provides indispensable services to individuals and families transitioning to Portugal, a country known for its safety, rich culture, excellent healthcare, and welcoming attitude toward immigrants. The company looks forward to serving more clients from India, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of Asia, especially those intending to start a business in the region. Its Corporate Immigration Solutions Department extends its services to companies looking to thrive in the Portuguese market.

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