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Sci-Fi Survival Series The Forevers Explores the Themes of Trust, Evil, and Societal Hierarchy

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In The Forevers by G. Michael Smith, Jayne Wu fights to combat the threat of a massive meteor storm, determined to become a Technical Electrical Mechanical Fixer and save the Earth.

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Imagine a small kid locked in a cage she thinks of as a crib, scared as she realizes her plush rabbit was taken away and put on a lab table. She tries climbing out of the crib, reaching for the toy, and looking around, thinking of ways to achieve this mighty goal at just two years old. Instead, all she does is activate one of the lab lasers, melting the hinges of the cage door. It falls open. She grabs the rabbit, crawls back into her crib, and falls asleep.

This girl is Jayne Wu, the protagonist of Mind Storms, book one of The Forevers series, stuck in the hostile Nursery, a place she dreams of escaping to follow her goal of becoming a Technical Electrical Mechanical Fixer, surviving, and working to save the Earth. Little does she know, a mysterious man intently tracking her every move and has different plans for her future. Jayne is the chosen one. She has to escape harm’s way, protecting her powerful mind that more than one vile organization wants to steal.

In this dystopian sci-fi universe, massive asteroid ships are built to colonize new worlds, reaping the best of what Earth can offer. But the future will be forever altered by The Swarm, consisting of thousands of meteors, that will soon, quite literally, swarm through the solar system, destroying all life on Earth and possibly the planet itself. With the biomes - twelve asteroid-sized escape vessels - being the only hope for humanity, a 13-year-old Jayne is caught in the middle of a power-driven race, where her extraordinary mind seems to be the trophy.

With the breath of the organized crime Consortium, the Sentinels, the World Police, and the Forevers right on the back of her neck, Jayne experiences the essence of evil first-hand, traversing through the soon-to-explode Earth as she decides who to trust. Her mission of saving mankind adds more and more obstacles along the way, with Jayne having to trust nothing but her gut feeling as she chooses who to approach, save, or reveal her identity to.

In The Traveler, the second part, the 16-year-old Jayne Wu is officially working as a fixer on Biome 3, a thoroughly inhospitable environment. Master Wu then dissects the mind of Jayne Wu at 17, portraying the internal battle she is dealing with.

Currently, G. Michael Smith is in the process of finishing the fourth part, following the fate of the adult-now woman. Within the same universe, he also wrote Omie: The Mind Mage, a spin-off novel depicting the life of Pandora Rao, a 17-year-old girl living on one of the biome ships about to embark on a journey to save humanity.

G. Michael Smith, a passionate author who has been writing since adolescence, has masterfully curated a world so different from the Earth we know, yet with so many conflicts and challenges that readers can relate to. As they explore the depths of Jayne’s mind, they can learn more about themselves and discover the mind storms all of humanity grapples with. Through impactful storytelling, Smith opens the doors to meaningful exploration for everyone, merging a fresh approach, entertainment, and profound symbolism.

Looking to the future, Smith sees these books as becoming a TV series, with high hopes of joining forces with like-minded individuals to make this dream a reality.

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