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Bibbero Meetings and Events: A Novel Approach to Event Management Services

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Bibbero Meetings and Events plan and execute memorable events by building lasting relationships with venues, enterprises, hosts, and attendees.

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The overarching success of Bibbero Meetings and Events begins with the founding team and reverberates through the entire organization. CEO Nikki Bibbero has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and events management industry, presenting a well-versed and innovative approach to the Bibbero enterprise. Working closely with her is a team of like-minded professionals including COO Jackson Christensen, an economics graduate and specialist in business strategy.

Together, the team at Bibbero Meetings and Events (BME) cultivates an end-to-end event planning ecosystem that provides comprehensive services for clients of all industries and backgrounds. They seek to develop long-lasting relationships with clients, venues, and attendees to ensure needs are met consistently and efficiently, for each event.

Traditionally, the industry has received criticism for overpromising on delivery and subsequently failing to meet expectations. To avoid this, BME conducts multiple meetings with clients throughout the planning process, including question and answer sessions inviting feedback and points of discussion. Jackson Christensen comments: “We adopt a 100% human and service-based approach, our methodology is unique as we continually challenge how people think about conferences and association events.”

BME operates with full transparency as they outline the financial goals of their clients as well as their goals for attendees. Each event is geared towards the intentions and aspirations of the client, working with individual budgets to provide the highest value. Throughout the planning stage, BME provides fully detailed and realistic plans to their clients, ensuring the most important aims are met and delivered on the day of the event. Jackson states, “We meet with our clients throughout the entire process, not only to touch on the confirmed elements but also to reassure the client that any changes or potential nuances are fully transparent, and will be executed with 100% grace and attention to detail. We want to ensure that all elements are communicated and executed.”

Unlike other event management services, BME places greater emphasis on garnering and developing strategic partnerships with other players in the industry. Traditionally, event managers in this space have operated in a hyper-competitive and far less collaborative manner. Despite this, BME has successfully established relationships with event planners, audio-visual companies, decorators, and venues. In doing so, the company is better placed to negotiate with all related parties, ensuring the most cost-effective approach is taken, without compromising on quality. Their website details: “By combining our expertise, passion for events, and the relentless pursuit of perfection, we aim to create moments that inspire, connect, and leave a lasting impression on all those who attend.”

Today, BME has hosted events ranging from exhibitor-focused conferences to networking events and educational seminars. The company has worked with numerous organizations, including government associations, fulfilling high-functioning educational events, as well as those in the health and wellness space. Continually, they prove their scope to be far greater than corporate event management alone and represent a more personal, novel approach to the events management industry.

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