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INZECTO Disrupting Pest Control Market With Effective, Eco-Conscious Products

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INZECTO, a leading pest control company, is addressing the historic challenges of controlling mosquito populations with safe, simple patented technology.

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INZECTO is spearheading innovation in the pest control industry with award-winning technology developed in association with the University of Florida and co-funded by the Pentagon. With the launch of its first product in 2021, the company’s refreshing take on pest control is reshaping the future of private and public mosquito control. INZECTO’s next-generation methodologies are mitigating the growing population of mosquitoes globally and offering solutions to other harmful insect groups. The company is growing rapidly and plans to expand its product line in line with surging market demand.

With the intensification of global warming, there has been an unprecedented increase in insect activity. Tropical hotspots well-known for disease-carrying mosquitoes have expanded and previously untouched areas are now experiencing an onslaught of mosquitoes. Longer summers and higher temperatures lengthen mosquito activity, increasing infection rates. Urban settlements are seeing an uptick in an alien species, specifically Asian Tiger mosquitoes, which have transformed from just an annoying insect into a dangerous species due to availability of water supplies.

Professional and governmental entities responsible for pest control aren’t fairing well against the competition. New legislation bans insecticides due to environmental concerns and mosquitoes have now become resistant to available products. Most insecticides target adult mosquitoes capable of biting humans, which overlooks three other stages of mutation such as eggs, larvae and pupae that take place in water and that need to be disrupted in order to interrupt the lifecycle of mosquitos. INZECTO recognized this limitation and proposed a modern solution that is equally effective and safe.

INZECTO’s innovative technology was developed in association with the University of Florida and co-funded by the Pentagon. While many consumers may be unaware of the importance of mosquito control, these pests cause thousands of deaths annually, especially in poverty-stricken areas. Annually, mosquitoes cause about 700,000 deaths worldwide by transmitting deadly vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and West Nile virus. INZECTO is combatting this trend with patented mosquito traps, chips, and control systems that slowly release insecticides. Unlike other products that only kill adult mosquitoes, INZECTO’s products have dual-targeting for adults and larvae. This novel approach prevents mosquitoes from building resistance to insecticides and better manages insect populations.

“Products on the market are not effectively interrupting the life cycle of the mosquitoes,” says CEO Enrico Levi. “They are only delaying how frequently someone is bitten because as soon as it rains and the life cycle continues, we are back to square one. This practice has been repeated for decades with the same insecticides, which has allowed mosquitoes to become resistant. Now, in certain cases, their resistance has grown 100 times, leaving people and providers with limited solutions to address a very dangerous issue.”

INZECTO is tackling this problem by building an optimal environment for female mosquitoes who are disease transmitters. Each product only kills mosquitoes on contact but is still safe and simple enough for any person to use as there is no direct contact with the insecticides. The Pentagon mandate INZECTO received encouraged them to keep the technology accessible so soldiers would be able to guard themselves in high-risk environments. INZECTO’s diverse panel of investors, including Chairman Sir George Buckley fueled further innovation through their industry expertise.

The company has achieved remarkable success since its inception. INZECTO offers cutting-edge solutions that can mitigate the implications of a growing mosquito population. As the company expands its product line, it aims to continue developing effective, affordable, and innovative pest control products that protect humans from insects without harming the environment and other animals, including pets and useful insects such as bees and other pollinators.

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