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Musical Artist Miss Kristin Invites Robert Berry To Production On Wayward Son

Last updated Tuesday, May 22, 2012 05:00 ET

Wayward Son is the bonus track with Robert Berry featured on “Masterpiece”; The newest collection from Miss Kristin available from Big Fuss Records.

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It’s not the first time Miss Kristin has worked with legendary rock artist Robert Berry. Kristin actually began her musical journey in Robert’s studio with her first productions. Robert at the time was the principal producer for much of Miss Kristin’s early material.

Since that time, Miss Kristin and Robert have both flourished in their individual and independent musical paths. Kristin has worked with her share of great talent and has developed into a confident and capable producer, where she plays many of her own instruments in the development of her songs and recordings.

Robert Berry has performed in venues ranging from the tiniest of clubs to the largest of stadiums. Fans have seen him in diverse circumstances, from Hush, a super group comprised of San Francisco area musicians, to his fronting role with “3”, alongside Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer. Robert is well known for his exceptional work composing, arranging, and performing with leading edge progressive music artists. He is an award winning producer and multi-instrumentalist, who displays an uncanny knack for keeping the melody prominent no matter how complex the musical structure rests.

Miss Kristin has been dedicated to her love of songwriting and producing her large body of work. Kristin has diligently released at least one new title every year. And within each collection Kristin incorporates a theme that allows her listeners to journey with her to experience her idea and suggestion for self discovery.

The recent production of “Wayward Son” is about a mother, who sees her son going in a terribly wrong direction. A crime is committed, now she may never see her son again, and this mother holds the love for her son forever. Their lives are shattered, but the love lives on. The song is an engaging and addicting tale of broken life and loss of innocence.

Kristin was looking for a western feel when creating the production and felt Robert would be a great addition to the track, where he kicked in a cool 60's meets new country kind of vibe utilizing bass guitar and electrics. The “Masterpiece” release date is set for June 19, 2012 and the collection is a must have for fans of Miss Kristin music.

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