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Powerful Entertainment Discovery: Big Fuss Records YouTube Channel

Last updated Wednesday, August 8, 2012 07:06 ET

The You Tube Channel for Big Fuss Records is fast becoming a popular location for people looking for exciting new online entertainment.

San Jose, USA, 08/08/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Miss Kristin is at the helm of Big Fuss Records, and has branded her music with the creation of entertaining DIY videos to go along with her relevant songwriting. The music industry and its artists have evolved and grown over time. There are various artists, and bands with styles and genres of music which have appeared over the years and have left a permanent mark on the memories and psyche of music lovers across the globe. There are classics which are still enjoyed today from legends of the past mixing with the legends of the present in a seamless blend of beautiful music enjoyed by millions across the world. YouTube is the new facilitator of all popular music. There have been many bright new stars discovered and YouTube is a new avenue where old favorites and new alike still may be seen performing for fans from years past to the present.

Big Fuss Records is a boutique indie record label where Miss Kristin Pedderson has developed her brand of unique music to share with the world. The YouTube Channel located at http://youtube.com/bigfussrecords is an exciting and entertaining adventure into the music and life of Miss Kristin. Kristin goes on her own adventures with her video camera to create and produce footage that brings her songs to life. She does all the editing herself and the result is an enticing journey in lasting pleasure and sonic enjoyment.

The evolution of music has allowed for the creation and recognition of various genres and styles of music which were ignored at first. Styles have grown with Rock music beginning from the 1950s, Heavy Metal in the 80’s, Trance music in the 20th century, Techno music from the mid 1980’s, and Rap music in the 1990’s, and more. Bands have grown and progressed as well as artists. Solo artists, bands, vocal and instrumental artists all have changed and evolved with time and customer tastes. The main channel in the past for artists to be heard and recognized was through the radio, but today with radio being less open to new music being developed, YouTube has become the new avenue and radio for most.

Many new bands and artists are emerging with the sole desire of having their style of music heard and loved. YouTube is especially important and entertaining to visitors of the website because of the visual aspect that goes with listening to a favorite song; This allows for a broader perspective ensuring that more people learn and appreciate the style of music and enjoy listening, which is the basic dream of each artist. Miss Kristin video’s and visuals create an imprint in the mind that tell the story of Kristin’s strong songwriting and vocal performance style.

Learn more by visiting http://youtube.com/bigfussrecords