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New Miss Kristin Digital Music & CD Releases For 2012 Show Bright Future

Last updated Wednesday, August 8, 2012 22:00 ET

Independent artists like Miss Kristin of Big Fuss Records are saving money with music distribution via digital only releases.

Campbell, USA, 08/08/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Independent artists like Miss Kristin of Big Fuss Records are utilizing their choices when marketing music to the public and seeing better returns. The new delivery method and avenue for Miss Kristin is fast becoming popular for professional musicians publishing large catalogs of work. The evolution of internet with the merger of audio in computing technology has lead to a whole new world of digital music. The way a new release happens has been greatly influenced by these developments in the digital world. The music industry has three rungs in its ladder – creating music, marketing music and distribution of music.

With the advent of the internet, retailing a new CD or single release has become easier and simpler for independent artists like Miss Kristin and her record label Big Fuss Records. The new class of artist retailers called e-retailers has emerged who promote and sell the new music by the pop and rock artist directly through their online stores using online promotional activity and online distribution systems. This system is very effective and efficient. The e-retailers balance the logistics by replacing the intermediaries in the music business and becoming infomediaries.

Artists can choose to market and distribute their music using affordable choices that cover more ground and allow for more money in their pockets. Miss Kristin is a prolific songwriter with multiple releases who recently promoted “The Elephant Groove” as a physical CD that was manufactured with the intention to send to radio and fans around the globe. This allowed the music to get in the hands of the program directors and music directors that still require a CD and physical copy. The entire endeavor cost the independent record label well over three thousand dollars.

Miss Kristin has more music to share with the world and is about to present a single as a seasonal offering titled “Down The Highway”. This time out Big Fuss Records, Inc. will distribute the track as a digital only release. The choice allows for more exposure and better returns. “When an artist has a large amount of content, it is helpful and beneficial to stagger the investment in manufacturing the releases. What is most important, is creating the music and providing the world with brilliant material in 2012 and upward.” states Kristin.

Kristin is passionate about her music career. She is at the helm of Big Fuss Records, Inc. which is beginning to take new artists for marketing and distribution. With more music of her own as well, ready to be revealed, Miss Kristin is on her way up.

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