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dailyglobalgroove.com Officially Launches New EDM Focused Website

Last updated Wednesday, July 31, 2013 16:37 ET

Daily providing EDM fans and artists with fast and easy access to the freshest electronic beats, timely news and free downloads.

Miami, 07/31/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Established in the 2012 The Daily Global Groove is a place where fans of EDM congregate, sample and download the newest and best EDM beats from the top artists from anywhere in the world. Over time content has grown to feature not only great music but place an emphasis on covering aspects of the overall culture of the EDM scene. Publishing daily the website features EDM related art, timely news, interesting commentary and easy hassle free access to the latest free downloads.

With support from industry heavyweights such as Justin Martin, DJ Mes, IlseV, Dimo, Federico Scavo, Vanilla Ace and Crazibiza, The Daily Global Groove is poised to become a leader in EDM related content origination and distribution for artists and fans.

Matthew Wax, Editor at The Daily Global Groove "dailyglobalgroove.com was launched as a direct response to the lack of quality music being promoted online. Couple that with a lack of innovation and the one-dimensional content distribution in the space we saw an opportunity to add value."

Taking notice of media mogul Robert Sillerman's SFX Entertainment's recent buying spree and intent to file for a $175 million IPO Wax likes what he sees. "Sillerman's actions over the past few months have given me and my staff all the market confirmation we need. We've always been passionate about house music and EDM culture. Seeing the maturation and commercial viability of the sound has been very exciting for us. As EDM becomes more and more a part of the popular culture we look to grow with it."

The Daily Global Groove can be followed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dailyglobalgroove or on Tumblr at http://dailyglobalgroove.tumblr.com/

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