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Jayne Rios is a Featured Author in Network to Increase Your Net Worth

Last updated Wednesday, September 4, 2013 10:52 ET

Book releases September 30 at Amazon.com or order now!

Dallas, USA, 09/04/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The Network for Women in Business gathered 30 smart and savvy women business owners from across the U.S. to collaborate on this anticipated new book. These successful women share their most sacred networking secrets, and show others how powerful connections can positively impact their bottom line.

Jayne Rios' chapter, entitled "Increase Sales After the Networking Event with Video," gives step-by-step practical help to show readers how they can turn a networking event into a gold mine. "I've drawn from years as a marketing director for a large, national corporation where I was responsible for generating sales leads," she shares. "I've been able to combine my experience with knowledge of the latest technology and provide best of breed networking techniques utilizing smartphones and online video." Ms. Rios continues, "Technology has provided a way to add a personal touch when reaching out to hot leads. It's a way to be remembered and has given me a huge advantage over the competition."

There will be a wide array of events in celebration of this book release, which will include local "live" book signings being launched by the authors and a virtual book launch that will begin on September 30, 2013 which is when the book is officially available for purchase by the public. To order http://expressyourselfelearning.com/books/

Jayne Rios was selected to participate in the anthology by Toni Coleman Brown, founder of the Network for Women in Business organization. As an accomplished business owner and entrepreneur, Jayne has shared her knowledge with others through coaching and mentoring programs, leading mastermind groups, workshops, webinars, and as an author and speaker. She is now broadening her outreach by contributing her expertise to collections such as Network to Increase Your Net Worth and An Unsinkable Soul scheduled to release in December, 2013.

About Jayne Rios
Founder and CEO of Express Yourself eLearning, Acts 2 Technology and KungFuzos Video Marketing in Dallas, TX., Jayne is a charismatic visionary with expertise in video, online marketing and eLearning. She is a sought-after speaker, the author of The Interactive Author, Integrating Video into the Marketing Mix, Interactive Author ecourse, and Interactive Author Mastermind. Jayne coaches speakers, authors and trainers on turning their message into an empowered online business using video. She is married to a prime time TV news director and the mother of two young boys. In her spare time she is a cub scout den leader, coach of Little League Baseball and a life-skills mentor.