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Actor Big Spence Makes His Directorial Debut With His Film, "Set Me Free"

Last updated Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:31 ET

Actor/Writer/Producer Big Spence adds directing to his resume, with "Set Me Free", a look at the inner-workings of the Urban male.

09/18/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Film maker Big Spence continues to act, write, produce and now direct moralistic, Independent films. In 2010, Spence started 'Touch The Heart Productions'. T.T.H. Productions is a Christian based film company he started due to his passion to make films that would not only tell a good story, but send true to life messages with Christian undertones. Big Spence's current project, "Set Me Free" written by himself and co-writer, Wiennie Mac, It's about four boys to men, still best friends surviving a tough neighborhood. As their plans for liberation intersect and oppose one another, who ultimately will be set free?

Big Spence has put together a dynamic cast and crew to bring his vision to the screen. Michael Fredianelli was brought on to co-direct and edit this masterpiece as this is his 15th directorial touch. With the Independent film industry becoming so competitive these days, film makers must make sure they put out quality product. Spence does just that. He never settles for anything less than quality. With actors like James Franco throwing their hats into the Indie ring and gaining financing off their 'popularity', it makes the competitive market that much harder to rise in. Big Spence has already had successes with his previous Indie films such as, The Shop which he co-produced along with M. Shawn Cunningham. With 'Set Me Free', Spence has stepped up his game. This young independent film maker/actor is definitely making strides to the top.

Writing and producing are not Big Spence's only passion; he enjoys the acting and now directing aspects as well. In Set Me Free Spence portrays one of the main characters, 'Kenny'. Kenny is a full-time college student who is living as 'half' of a dysfunctional relationship, while he acts as dad to his girlfriend's young daughter. Now put all that in a pot and mix it with the streets of Oakland, California. This film is meant not only to entertain, but to educate as well. There are many lessons to be learned in this film. The ensemble cast includes Big Spence (Milk Money), Skipper Elekwachi (Licks), Alphonso Thompson (Towniz), Alan 'A. Wal' Walker (City At War), Jonez Cain (Watch Phoenix Rise), Timothy A. Slater (The Shop), Ke'Shay Love (Story of Eva), Steven C. Johnson (Fruitvale Station) and introducing Anquenitta Williams who is also an executive producer on the project. This film is sure to touch your heart as it makes you laugh, makes you cry, keeps you on the edge of your seat and most of all; enlighten your mind.

Big Spence is now in post-production on Set Me Free which was filmed in the Bay Area, California. He is determined to bring a good moral lesson, along with his knack for quality to the screen. Set Me Free will be taking the film festival circuit by storm starting early 2014.

Marcus 'Big Spence' Spencer